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  • Krishna Hoists Crane India
  • Krishna Hoists Crane India
  • Krishna Hoists Crane India
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Electric Wire Rope Hoists/Crane Manufacturers & Supplier in India

KRISHNA Crane Engineers offer ultra-low head room configuration with easy withstand, and complete safety and favorable dimensions. We are committed to provide various industrial and material handling application Hoists. We are a manufacturer of electric wire rope Hoists with the capacity of bearing 1.0 tons up to25.0 tons. Generally, we offer 6.0 to 7.0 meters lift of hoist, but higher lifting is also provided based on requirement with a custom built design. Besides, upgrading existing hoisting equipment is one of the major services we offer that prove to be a return of your investment.

What do we do?

  • Electric wire rope hoists are designed to increase the productivity through high speed operation.
  • Accuracy in components increases the efficiency.
  • Smooth operation of gears produce a heat treatment with the precise machine cut teeth.
  • Hoists all high speed rotating parts are anti-frictional bearing.
  • Limit gauges check all the components before the machine comes in use.
  • All the parts of Hoists can be easily maintained.
  • Reconnect able parts can be back and fro as per the requirement, which reduces the down time.
  • To prevent the manufacture failure stern inspection is done at all the stages.

Krishna makes Electric Wire Rope Hoists general dimensions.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Electric Wire Rope Hoist Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Krishna makes Electric Wire Rope Hoists general dimensions
Electric Wire Rope Hoists Chart

Hoists are assembled by putting various autonomous units, such as:

  • Gear box
  • Motor with brake
  • Rope Drum
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Travelling Trolley
  • Hook block
  • Rope guide
  • Wire rope
The above mentioned units are accessible separately and disassembled on the request. It simplifies the repairs which reduces the maintenance cost and downtime.

What features do we offer?

  • Hoists fulfill different requirement and appropriate for every class that falls under IS-3938 Standard. However, the basic design is for Class II.
  • The M.S. Plates are fastened with numerous hoops to hold out the attached units and their load.
  • Hoists Wire Rope complies the Indian standards. When the drum carries a rope, its sideways does not slip during the slack.
  • Grooved Rope Drum, seamless Pipe of adequate length is kept in one layer. Doing this provides proper support to the rope. To minimize the risk an abrasive wear is provided. To ensure smooth running, draft shaft revolves on the ball bearings.
  • Rope Guide is divided into two halves which ensure easy accessibility. It encircles the Drum completely to prevent the uncoiling of rope even when the Hoists is empty.
  • Hoists Motor is parallel to the HTSC rotor machine. It is rated for Hoists duty with minimum 40% CDF Rating and class B insulation. The IP54 unit is;
  • 1. Dust-free and moisture-free enclosure 2. Flange-mounted to the main frame of the Hoist. 3. DC clutch and Pony Motor produce the creep speeds when required.
  • Hoist Gear Box has well-treated gears to prevent high wear. Each Geared Shaft has boiler roller bearing support to ensure smooth and low-friction operation.
  • Every Hook Block is tested to 150% before its assembly. The protective steel casting guards the rope sheaves. All rope sheaves rotate on Ball Bearings.
  • Trolley is adjustable to various sizes. It consists of M.S. Plates, formed by side frame and assembled with Runner-Wheels-mounted on Double sealed Ball Bearings.
  • One of the major safety features-Limit Switch prevents over-hoisting and over lowering of the hook block. The trip positions are adjustable, they allow installation setting as per the need.
  • The Electronic control panel is electrically interlocked to prevent accidents that happen due to opposite motions. They are kept in an IP 54 dust and damp proof enclosure. A low voltage control system of 110 Volts reduces the electrical hazards for the operator.

Benefits of our standard features:

  • Top-Quality, Heavy-Duty Wire Rope Hoists
  • Revolutionary Compact Design
  • Easy and effective Load handling
  • Advantages for Hoists modernization and factory retrofit
  • Versatile models and features offering wide choice as per application
  • We offer True Lift as standard - the hook moves horizontally only 10mm during a one-meter lift
  • Rigging of the load is safer with the design of the hook forging
  • DC Disk motor brake
  • IP55 rated for outdoor use
  • Next generation rope guide
  • Heavy-duty fan cooled motors
  • Premium rope for wear resistance
  • Most Competitively Priced

We have to offer bespoke features for your special requirements;

  • CT Brake and CT Limit Switch
  • Panel for LT Drive
  • VFD for hoisting and cross traverse motion
  • Higher height of lifts
  • Different speeds for hoist and CT
  • Power supply system
  • Shoe brake
  • Flexible trolley for negotiating radius of curvature, push-pull trolley

Why Krishna Hoists?

  • Krishna Crane Engineers Crane and Hoist Company is one of the prominent and leading manufacturers. It has been established since 2005. Our successful client retention and good reputation amongst the engineering industry has put us in the lead. Krishna Crane Engineers are specialized in delivering the bespoke features on the request from the various industries like, Manufacturing industries, Shipping yards, ports, Construction companies, Transport and logistics companies and other fields which demands for material handling and goods lifting crane.
  • Krishna Crane Engineers is a brand that designs Hoists which complies IS-3938 standard.
  • We offer everything that construction industry requires. We have various ranges of products that suits best with all types of industries; Iron and steel, hydro-power, Power Stations, wind power sectors, paper, Chemical, engineering, automotive, Railways, Shipbuilding, rolling mills and many other types of industries.
  • Leading manufacturer of heavy duty material handling equipment.
  • Our expert engineers are specialized in crane manufacturing, and are willing to provide manufacturing and supplying related services for: Electric wire Rope Hoist, Single Girder & Double Girder EOT CRANE, JIB CRANE, Hand Operated Crane, Flame Proof Wire rope hoist, Gantry Crane, Manual Hoist, Goods Lift/ Cage Lift, Electric Winch, Transfer cars, and other Crane and lifting Accessories as per requirement.
  • We aim to provide quality and efficient material handling solutions.
  • We are in this service for more than 10 years now, in such a short span of time, we have built a good reputation amongst the competitors by serving 1000+ customers. We have offices in India and planning to expand our business globally.
  • Note: Guaranteed repair and replacement within one year of the sale. Please note, electrical appliances are not covered.

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Electric Wire Rope Hoists

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