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  • Krishna Hoists Crane India
  • Krishna Hoists Crane India
  • Krishna Hoists Crane India
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Goods Lift Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Hydraulic Goods Lift

Goods lift is a lifting device to carry load from 50 to 5000Kgs. It is used by those companies who supplies and installs goods and services, hoists, dumbwaiters and trolley lifts. There are many types of goods lift. These lifts are long-lasting and easy to use. In some case it lifts up to 20000Kgs.

Goods Lift

Key Benefits of Goods Lift:

  • ❏ It is durable, easy and low conservation charge.
  • ❏ It can supply with or without structure.
  • ❏ Variations in its loading capability.
  • ❏ Simple to install new and replace tools in current lift.
  • ❏ Cage Dimensions and Floor can adjust as per requirement.
  • ❏ It has high ratio to any size, wide to stem.
  • ❏ It is applicable in any vigorous situation.
  • ❏ Its structure made with numerous doors.
  • ❏ Material entry and exit as per requirement offered
  • ❏ It works in hazardous requirements too.

Safety Features:

  • Standard Features of Goods Lift:
  • ➔ Goods lift is appropriate to shift heavy goods from one place to another in a vertical motion.
  • ➔ It has the capacity to lifting load is 100kgs to 5000kgs.
  • ➔ It is manufactured in ample size as per client’s requirement.
  • ➔ It is a noise-free device.
  • ➔ Automatic stop at each desired floor level with all safety.
  • ➔ Accurate control system at every floor with all safety.

Types of Goods Lift:

  • ☛ Winch Type Goods Lift: These types of goods lifts provide standard scissors lift platform which follows industrial standards.
  • ☛ Goods Elevator: It is produced in a precise look with taking extra care while making. Its long life future and safety maintains while manufacturing.


  • ☛ Cage: The cage is made using sections of steel rolls and M.S. plates. They give it a sturdy and robust structure. The lifts come with landing platforms and collapsible doors.
  • ☛ Hosting Arrangement: A 2/4 fall wire rope reeving system which gives absolute vertical movement to cage & to arrest misalignment.
  • ☛ Cage Guide Tracks: The cage guide tracks for these cranes are made using “T” sections. They are embedded on the cage. A special lubrication system is also used to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear between the guide and the “T” track.
  • ☛ Control: Various control mechanisms are provided on each operational stage.
  • ☛ Safety Features: The collapsible gates have electromechanical door interlocks installed on them that can with limit switches. We also provide lever type limit switches on each floor. An additional very sensitive counter limit switch is also installed in the power circuit. This helps in over hoisting and over lowering operations. Another safety measure in the system is a provision of spring buffers on the ground floor.
  • ➔ It is supported by a highly qualified team of professionals. They even specialise in providing great after sales services. A dedicated R & D also works in our team that attempts to make the products constantly better and updated. We hold the rights to modify our specifications.

Why us?:

    It is a reputed firm to supply various type of hoists in which they design and supply good lifts of superior quality in different ranges. It provides standard goods lifts as per client’s requirement.

Basic Parameters:

    Hydraulic goods lift capable to shift goods and people with safety extents 500kgs to10000 kgs. It is a systematic and cost-effective device.

General Dimensions:

    Its standard range is 500kg to 2500kgs but its special configurations reflects up to 20000kgs.

Why to Choose Engineers::

  • ⇛ It provides services in domestic and global companies.
  • ⇛ Having good potential sales and services system.
  • ⇛ They have proper furnished office and tools depot.
  • ⇛ Sales operation system is maintained by experienced and qualified Technicians.
  • ⇛ 24*7*365 days Support.
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