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Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturer in India
Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturer in India
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SINGLE GIRDER EOT CRANE Manufacturers and Supplier in India

We are the Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter who design cranes according to prominent safety standards and in accordance with IS – 3177. We have ensured to carry out the structure creation and designing according to the IS – 807. Our speciality includes creating cranes according to the custom requirements of our clients. All our cranes are extremely budget-friendly and have minimal dead weight. The lifting and loading capacity of these cranes is 1 to 25 tons. With a productive design and a wide range, these cranes have a span of 1 to 40 metres.

Types of Single Girder EOT Cranes and its application:

Underslung Single Girder EOT Crane Under Slung CranesAt Krishna, the underslung cranes are made with a modular design using staunch with quality wire rope hoists. These cranes are quite similar to the travelling cranes with an overhead design. However, unlike them, these cranes run on bottom flange of I beam which and crane end carriages runs on that . If required, we can also equip the cranes with over hung on one or the both sides. The main component of the crane include a bridge girder which is lined to 2 end carriages with wheels that are run by motor gearbox units. Customized independent push stations / RRC / VFD featured can also be provided. We use the festoon cable system to supply power to the cranes.

Single Girder EOT Crane

SINGLE GIRDER OVERHEAD EOT CRANEThis type of rigid cranes is generally used in work units where heavy materials need shifting or lifting. Unlike other cranes, these cranes are used only for manufacturing and maintenance applications. The complete handling of the material with this is done using the overhead EOT crane. We use just high-quality material to manufacture these overhead EOT cranes. The primary purpose of these cranes is to make the process of movement of heavy material convenient and quick. The body is corrosion resistant and all the damaged parts can be easily replaced from this crane. Only few of the parts require some minimal maintenance. Such a crane with high durability and powerful performance helps divide the workforce.

Industries where Single Girder EOT Cranes Applications Used:

Ware house, Iron and steel, hydro-power, Power Stations, wind power sectors, paper, Chemical, engineering, automotive, Railways, Shipbuilding, rolling mills and many other types of industries, Coal Mines, Petro Chemicals & Chemicals, Oil, Mines & Rigs, Fertilizers, Solvent extraction plants, Paints & Varnish, Industry, LPG Bottling plants, Agro Chemicals, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, General Industry.

Specifications of our top-notch quality Single Girder EOT Cranes:

  • ➔ These cranes help lift heavy weights very efficiently and easily as compared to the double girder cranes.
  • ➔ They are most suitable for light and medium duty applications.
  • ➔ Radio remote control and pendant control is required for the operation of these cranes.
  • ➔ In order to make the lifting more convenient, these cranes come with a double grooved rope which is placed at high levels.
  • ➔ Heavy duty rope guides made of steel are also used.
  • ➔ The cranes come with in-built safety tools according to the latest technology to perform smoother and safer operations.
  • ➔ These cranes require VVF drive for accurate and apt loading.
  • ➔ The motors used in these cranes are of the TEFC type and come with F class protection.
  • ➔ These cranes need an upper and a lower hook limit switch of the travel type.

Design Parts of the Single Girder EOT Cranes and their applications:

  • DESIGN: The complete design of the structural parts of these cranes strictly adheres to the IS-807, IS-3177 code of practice for design, manufacturing, erection & testing. While the overhead travelling crane is designed according to the IS-3177 code of practice for design. We have ensured to follow staunch safety measures while designing the cranes. Multiple factors like impact, stress, fatigue, etc. are taken into consideration before finalising the designs. The drives installed in the cranes are optimized for efficiency and top-notch performance.
  • STEEL: We only use the I.S. 2062 steel or an equivalent type to create the primary load bearing parts of the cranes.
  • MATERIAL & WORKMANSHIP: We only use robust quality materials for the design which provide optimum performance as well as safety and safeguard against shocks or stresses.
  • MOTORS: The primary L.T. and C.T. motors are safeguarded using dust proof construction material of TEFC / TESC CLASS 'F' 40% CDF insulation.
  • GEARBOXES: The gear boxes are also protected with dust proof material. They run smoothly in baths and thus don’t require added lubricants. The pinions and gears are made of EN- 9 steel and are closely linked to the carbon steel shaft. We use antifriction ball bearings for rotating the shafts. Our gearboxes are completely covered which makes them more powerful and efficient.
  • BRAKES: We use the E.H.T./E.M. type brakes for hoisting. The brakes are linked to the motors for automatic functioning. This ensures that in a case of power failure, the brakes are applied automatically.
  • BEARINGS: We only use the antifriction type ball/roller bearings for each and every moving part of the cranes.
  • LUBRICATIONS: Appropriate lubricants are used wherever extra maintenance is needed.
  • OPERATION: The clients can choose floor operation system or cabin operation system according to their requirement.
  • POWER SUPPLY: These cranes can be conveniently operated ate a power supply of 415 V + 6% volts, 3 Phase, 50 Cycles, A.C.
  • HOIST MACHINERY: The hoisting system of the cranes include motors, brakes, a gear box, rope drums & bottom block.
  • ROPE DRUM: The rope drums are constructed using mild steel. They have two spiral grooves according to the hoisting ropes and are situated on the right and the left side. Only one rope layer can be present with these drums. The length is also made in a way to provide optimum efficiency.
  • WIRE ROPE: The wire ropes are in the 6*36 size and are made using plough steel and fiber core. They have a staunch tensile strength of 160/175kgs./sq.mm [1570 N/sq. mm]. The wires are made by Usha Martin and follow the safety code of IS – 3177.
  • BOTTOM BLOCK: We use forged steel or a similar material for creating the hooks according to the I.S. 3815 standards.
  • ROPE SHEAVES: Smooth and quality bearings are used to run the C.I. The rope is secured in a way that it does not leave the sheaves.
  • LIMIT SWITCHES: We use top-notch quality limit switches that ensure that the rope won’t interfere the hoisting process.
  • CROSS TRAVEL MACHINERY: Our cross-travel system includes a fully covered motor, a dust proof gearbox, brakes, etc.
  • WHEELS: The wheels are made using forged steel according to the IS – 2707 standards. 300 BHN material is used to provide extra durability.
  • BRIDGE GIRDERS: The design of the girders is durable enough to withstand severe stresses. The design type if the plate welded box type. 1/900th span is the
    maximum possible deflection for the main girder.
  • TROLLEY TRACK: We use strong steel section tracks of the square type for moving the trolley. In order to ensure durability, they are firmly welded on the girders.
  • END STOPPERS FOR CROSS TRAVEL TROLLEY: We use firm end stoppers made of quality steel to restrict the trolley motion.
  • PLATFORM: We use a full-length M.S. chequered plate or an anti-skid platform on either side of the bridge girder.  
  • END CARRIAGES: We use rolled steel sections to design strong and durable end carriages. Gusset plate girders are installed on these carriages to provide a staunch design.
  • LONG TRAVEL MECHANISM: The single motor drive or twine motor drive mechanism is used for long travel.
  • TWIN DRIVE MOTOR ARRANGEMENT: Various isolated driving units are compiled to form one motor arrangement. Helical gear boxes are also used for these.
  • PAINTINGS: Each and every structural part of the crane is coated with a layer of red oxide and finished with two layers of enamel paints.

Service and Maintenance

  • ⇛ All the parts accessories for our hoists and cranes are manufactured by Krishna Cranes.
  • ⇛ We provide dedicated support 24*7 for all the equipments that we supply.
  • ⇛ If required, we take up annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for your assistance.

Why Krishna Cranes?

  • ✓ Our ensemble clientele includes many national as well as global companies.
  • ✓ We have a well-defined and efficient system for sales and services.
  • ✓ All our offices and warehouses are well-furnished and well-equipped.
  • ✓ Only expert and qualified technicians are assigned the job of maintaining our sales operation system.
  • ✓ Any minute, any hour, any day of the year, we are ready to provide assistance to you.

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Single Girder Crane

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