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Crane Upgradation

Upgrading and modifying your existing crane can be much more cost-effective rather buy whole new crane system.

At hoists and crane, we understand the importance of well-functioning and reliable crane that’s why we help your business to extend the life of your crane equipment and by making it more productive, efficient, and safer. We have successfully undertaken a number of Cranes for complete Up gradation in many sectors.

Our experts can service any MAKE or MODEL of overhead equipment on fast and quality service.

Our crane Upgradation Service offers:

  • Crane Up-gradations studies
  • Crane Span Modification
  • Capacity Upgradation
  • Crane Electrical System Upgradation
  • Solutions for Girder de-cambering
  • In-depth Study of Crane Operation to decide the duty classification

What are the benefits of CRANE upgradation?

There are numerous reasons why you should invest in upgrading your cranes.

  • Increase in Production
  • Cost Effective
  • Faster Operating Speeds
  • Better Controls or automation
  • Increase in Lifespan of the CRANE

What Parts of a Crane Can be upgraded?

  • Crane Control Systems
  • Brake Systems
  • Hoist, Trolley, and Gear Box
  • End Trucks and Wheels
  • Electrification Systems
  • Structural and Runway Components

When should I decide on the CRANE upgradation?

  • If you are Production or Lifting Requirements Have Changed Completely
  • If you are experiencing an Excessive Wear or Frequent Repair of Crane Components
  • An Inspection Discovered Issues with the Crane’s Equipment
  • When you find that all the Replacement Parts are now Becoming Difficult to Find
  • When you really want to improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Overhead Lifts

Note : If your crane has become a maintenance headache for your business and is no longer a reliable piece of equipment, in that case, you should plan to buy a brand new system.

If you having any queries regarding your crane system please feel free to contact us anytime. Hoists and crane can work with you to develop a specialized crane upgrade.


Krishna crane Engineers established in 2005, today we are the largest and top 10 overhead crane manufacturers in india.

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What Clients Say About Us.

“I was skeptical before joining hands with “Hoist and Cranes” team about my recent construction. But they proved me wrong and delivered exceptional machines with expert supervision. Thanks and good luck to the entire team.”

Sanoj umrania

Marketing Manager, Umarnia Engineering

“Construction business is not a joke. Cranes and other construction related machinery play important part in this line. I am proud to have such a great team “Hoist and Cranes” working for my project. Till date I have not faced any issue with their machinery.”

Shymle Sahu

CEO, Shymle Chemical

“Frankly speaking, I have experienced bad days with cranes services in my previous projects. When I hired you guys I was really doubtful. But today, after the successful completion of the project, I really want to tell you guys that you will be there in all my upcoming projects.”

Hari Narayan Khiche

CEO, Jaywardan Steels

Frequently Asked Questions

An electric winch is a motorized device designed to pull or lift heavy loads using a spooled wire rope. It's commonly used for tasks such as vehicle recovery, towing, and lifting objects in industrial settings.

A goods lift is a vertical transportation system designed to move goods between different levels within a building. It's frequently used in warehouses, factories, and commercial spaces to streamline the movement of heavy items.

An EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) crane is a type of crane that operates on tracks mounted on the ceiling or elevated beams. It's commonly used in factories and construction sites to lift and move heavy loads horizontally.

A gantry crane is used to lift and move heavy loads within a confined area. It's often seen in shipping yards, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities for tasks such as loading and unloading containers.

A Flame Proof hoist is designed to operate safely in environments with potentially explosive gases or dust. It's a crucial tool in industries like petrochemicals, mining, and oil refineries where safety is paramount.

A jib crane has a horizontal arm (jib) that extends from a vertical mast. It's used for precise lifting and positioning tasks, such as moving materials in workshops or loading docks.

An electric wire rope is a strong and flexible cable made of wire strands twisted together. It's a vital component in various lifting equipment, including cranes and hoists, providing the necessary strength and durability for lifting heavy loads.

Yes, there are several EOT crane manufacturers in India. These companies design, produce, and supply a wide range of EOT cranes to cater to the industrial needs of the country.

Absolutely. Goods lifts come in various configurations, capacities, and designs to suit different industries and applications. You can find goods lifts tailored for warehouses, factories, hospitals, and more.

When choosing a crane manufacturer in India, consider factors such as their experience, reputation, product quality, after-sales service, and adherence to safety standards. It's essential to partner with a reliable manufacturer to ensure your lifting equipment meets your requirements and safety regulations.

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