A Guide About Types Of Chain Hoist Handles

A Guide About Types Of Chain Hoist Handles

Most of the industries use winches and chain hoists to lift and move heavy loads in their manufacturing unit. Both are different in the way they are operated and their use. Hoist and winches are used for different purposes and to tackle different needs. Winches and hoist manufacturers in Ahmedabad suggest that both the tools hold equal importance when it comes to using. Another common thing in both devices is a handle.
A trained person operates the handle of the machine. Since the handle is what makes the lifting and moving job comfortable, effective and efficient, it is an important part of the hoists and winches.
The handles are, however, not always the same. They come in a variety of types depending on the type of chain hoist or winch. Let’s know more about the type of handles and their uses.

Types Of Handles

There are mainly two types of handles that are used in winches and chain hoists. The two are easy to distinguish because of their apparently different operations.

Removable Handles


The handle type goes with the name. The handle is not permanently attached to the hoist which means, you can remove them whenever required. You can fix them again when you need and it is easy to replace as well.
Sometimes, workers need to replace handles for some tasks so that different versions of the handle could be added. In such situations, removable handles come very handily and they make the job convenient. So, if your industry has such demands, this type of handle will work best to offer flexible working to the operator of the machine.

Reversible Handles


As the name suggests, reversible handles can be reversed. By reversing, it means, reversing the direction of movement of the handle. The operator can change the direction of the handle according to requirement and convenience while operating the machine. Now, the change in the direction of the handle also changes the working position of the operator. So, whenever any position is not comfortable for the worker, he can reverse the handle and the position will be changed. He will get a comfortable position to operate the machine.
Reversible handles come with added benefits of removable handles as well. Just like removable handles, these handles can also be removed and that’s how the direction is changed. The handle also makes it easy for the worker to keep an eye on the load by adjusting its position, which is really a great benefit.

Benefits Of Handles

Though each handle comes with special benefits, some perks are common to all. Let’s see what you can expect from handles that will make them really important for your firm.

Overload Warning


Handles have proved to be a great help in determining overload situations. According to the experts of hoists and winches, the handles tend to bend when the machine is overloaded during a turn. So, this is a clear sign which anyone can notice and take care of.
Since overloading causes many accidents and it’s really dangerous, a handle becoming helpful in determining the condition is a great deal. The operator will get a hint that the winch is being overloaded and then he can balance the weight as per the capacity of the tool.

Variety Of Sizes

Not everyone is comfortable with a standard size, no matter what we talk about. Depending on the size of the hands, the height of the person, and even the length of hands, the perfect handle size might vary. Now, getting the right handle size is also crucial for better grip and efficient working of the hosts and wishes.
Manufacturers offer a variety of sizes in handles. The operator can choose a size that fits him the best. It adds to the comfort and flexibility of the worker, making it more secure to work.

You can see that handles play a very important role in the proper handling of a weight lifting machine. Not only do they improve the functioning of the machine but they also add to the comfort of the operator. In a way, they make it safe and flexible for the operator to work best in such a constrained environment.