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Explore the great quality double girder EOT crane in India

Double girder overhead cranes are usually applied in capacities over 10 tons and spans approaching beyond 60 feet. Sometimes, it is also used if high speed or high services are required. These cranes carry on the gantry rails attached on top of the gantry girders. The important elements of the double girder EOT crane are bridge girders, end carriages, platform, crab, crane traveling devices, lifting trolley and electric control tools. These cranes are widely used in multiple big industries nowadays.

If you need this kind of crane in your operation, explore good quality double girder crane in India. It should be easy to implement and provide an efficient working with their customers as per requirements. It should consist premium quality parts and latest technology, according to the recommended quality standards by IS 3177, IS 807 and IS 4137. In addition, these cranes are available at varied prices as per their features and hence choose which suits you the most. Double girder EOT cranes are also available with lifting capacities up to 100tons.

Double girder cranes consist of two torsion-free box girders which makes them capable of lifting the weight over 10T and with a span over 25m. So, whenever there is a requirement of lifting heavy objects and wide spans, EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad will surely suggest you go for a double girder EOT crane. The maximum available capacities available in double girder EOT cranes is 100 T weight and 50m span. Let’s have a look at some standard features of EOT crane.


Double girder EOT standard specification is as follows

It has a safe working capacity of 5 ton to 1000 ton and crane span considered by the supporting beam. Further, According to the working hours per day, this crane’s working class can be designed light grade and heavy working duty level including A3-A7 class. This crane usually managed by driver’s cabin, according to different spreader under the hook, and enhanced to the magnetic crane, grab crane and so on.

Heavy duty end carriage joints assure effective contact of all four wheels with the process. These cranes should have exceptional travel characteristics and minimum wear.


The double girder EOT cranes are designed in accordance with IS-807, IS-3177 or IS-4137. These design criteria are followed to manufacture safe machines.


The motors used in double girder cranes are easy to start, reverse, and the brakes are flawless. The movement is prompt and the motor is enclosed in a dust-proof container.


Double murder EOT cranes fan have three types of brakes that are single or dual-disc, shoe electromagnetic, or EHT brakes. The machines also provide an auto-brake feature on power failure.

Gear Box

The gearbox of double girder EOT crane is made from carbon alloy steel. These are enclosed in an oil bath for content lubrication. The gears are durable and are designed to have a longer life. They also offer optimum resistance as required.

Electrical Panel

The electrical panel of the machines is easy to install. The operations are reliable, and the panel consumes less power. The wiring is durable, and the terminals are compact. The electrical system also comes with overload protection, and the overall set up is easy to maintain as well.

Limit Switch

Managing a crane is quite a difficult task. The operations are tricky, and that’s why limit switches are required for safe operations. To prevent the crane from over travelling in any direction, the double girder EOT cranes come with multiple limit switches.


Painting is a crucial part of every machine. It prevents rusting and corrosion of the valuable parts of your crane. The double girder EOT crane parts are coated with primer two times before assembling the pieces. After that, two coats of synthetic enamel is applied to the final version to prevent rusting on the outer surface. Paint also makes the crane look beautiful.

Your double EOT crane comes with a variety of features that make the operational process safe and fast. You can control the speed, and the machines are a soft starter as well.

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