Do You Know About Electric Chain Hoist Maintenance?


Firstly, make sure that the maintenance should be taken care by the professional technicians and do the proper maintenance activities for the electric chain hoist for the industry.

There are many points to take in into account. We have gathered some of the glimpses of them as listed below:

1. Basic Do’s & Don’ts

  • Load chain lubrication maintenance
  • Refuse to extend the load chain
  • Do not adjust the friction clutch
  • Avoid repairing the hoist by own
  • Avoid operating the hoist chain when in repair
  • Testing the load capacity after repairing works
  • Shutdown the power resource when hoist chain in repair

2. Lubrication

As per the electric chain hoist manufacturer, there are always some checkpoints to perform for a better maintenance and long-term age of chain hoist.

Replacing the gear oil on the duration of a minimum of five years is good. However, it is not dependant on the hoist working hours; even if it is not used the replacing of the oil is mandatory.

Always take care of somethings when replacing the gear oil like taking off the plug and leak cover and completely draining the old gear oil. Also, maintain the consistency in the standards of gear oil to avoid the abnormal performance of friction clutch and bad results of hoisting like load falling.

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3. Replacement of  chain

According to the usage of the load chain, it should be lubricated often. Replacing the chain makes it perform better and distinct. Replacement of chain includes some important points such as:

  • Single and double  fall chain
  • Take  down stopper
  • Attach C-link chain circle.
  • Attach end to C-link.
  • Operating to the lower chain.
  • Maintaining lowering chain
  • Attach end to C-link.
  • Operate to lower chain.
  • Stop lowering chain when there on the load side.
  • Ensuring the chain is not twisting while linking process
  • Installing chain spring  or cushion rubber

4. Examination

First examination: In the examination phase, adding an altered hoist is a good move. The examination should be taken from the very professional operators for standardizing the process. Actually, the process may have two main phases for examination. However, it depends on the status of the important parts and deterioration and breaking down the display.

5. Daily examination:

Under the daily examination, the individual personnel takes the visual inspection and check for the defects if any. Also, conduct the damages for the recommended items. The professional individual takes the detailed inspection to avoid any future problems.

Regular examination: Under the regular examination, a professional individual should take visual inspection by the overall review of the hoist. The examination goes under the hoist working stations. A professional goes under regular observations and checks if anything is bringing major flaws then consider conducting a quick repair.

6. Occasional Use of  Electric Chain Hoist

At the times where the hoist is no more in usage for more than a month or less than a year, consider checking the required items before taking it for usage. If there is no use for more than a year, it may not have any working damages.