How to decide which crane capacity do you require?

Cranes are one of the most common and important machines you will see in almost all types of Industries in India and around the world. The main purpose of the crane is to ease up manual work by lifting heavy weights with the help of mechanical arms which not only helps to save a lot of effort but a lot of time as well. An experienced crane operator is assigned the work of driving and operating the crane as cranes lift extremely heavy objects and there is always the risk of fatal accidents on the floor.

The most common place where you will definitely find cranes deployed are the construction sites as they prove to be extremely helpful and efficient to ease the work. There are different manufacturers and each Crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad designs cranes with different capacities and you need to decide which crane you want depending on the nature of work. Below are some key points that will help you to decide which crane capacity you must select

Tips to choose the right crane for your business

There are many points that must be considered while selecting the right crane with its corresponding capacity. Some are technical while some are practical

  1. Determining the center of the pin, calculate the maximum radius
  2. With the help of a professional, determine the total weight of the load
  3. Determine any overhead obstructions in advance so that the space is cleared while using the crane
  4. Always make sure that the ground you have selected to host the crane is uniform and smooth so that the crane can be mounted and moved easily
  5. Make sure that the ground does not have any obstruction around the working area of the crane as this will hamper the crane movement and might cause fatal accidents
  6. Weighing the loads will help you to decide the capacity of the crane you require. If your day-to-day loads are lighter, select cranes with smaller capacity while if your loads are comparatively heavier, purchase the crane with high capacity to lift weights.
  7. According to the crane capacity, always select the experienced crane operator who has experience of lifting light to heavy weights on a daily basis.

Choosing the right crane and reducing risk

EOT cranes manufacturer in Gujarat and in the rest of India manufacture different cranes of different lifting capacities, sizes and designs and you must inspect them well before you decide to buy one. Choosing the wrong crane for your business will not only hamper your production but will be risky to your employees specially the crane operator as he will be the one operating the crane throughout the day. Selecting the right crane also reduces accidents making your workplace safer to work which in turn builds your company’s reputation in terms of safety.

Lifting heavy weights industries is always a difficult task and involves a lot of risk and when you choose the right crane for your business, you must look at each and every aspect related to safety so that the risks are reduced.

Selection of cranes for heavy lifts

Selecting a crane for lifting heavy weights is always more complex as compared to selecting the ones to lift lighter weights as lifting lighter weights does not involve risks but lifting heavy weights can cause fatal accidents. In order to reduce the complexity, there is an algorithm designed to select cranes on construction sites which is based on the lifting capacity, the geometrical characteristics of the crane, the dimensions of equipment and riggings, and the bearing pressure of ground. This algorithm is extremely useful in selecting cranes for heavy lifts