Major Industries using Overhead Cranes: By Overhead Cranes Suppliers

We already know that overhead cranes are widely used for lifting heavy goods in plenty of industries. These cranes are mostly useful in lifting the unfinished goods to move them from one place to another for further processing. Given the importance and wide use of overhead cranes, many EOT crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad are producing overhead cranes. Fortunately, these cranes can be bought online as well.

Most of the people think that the cranes can only be used at various production sites. The reality is, the applications of such cranes are not limited only to the production sites. If you are working in any of the industries like warehousing, transportation and logistics, storage and management of heavy loads, the cranes will be useful.

EOT crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad put in great efforts to turn these overhead cranes into perfect pieces of equipment. There are many industries where these overhead cranes are found useful, some of them are mentioned below:


If you are into managing large warehouses, you would require to move heavy crates and other heavyweight products quickly and safely. It is time to hire a proper network of overhead cranes that will help the employees of the warehouse improve their inventory management and keep everything organized.

You already know that the warehouse business is very popular these days. There is an increase in an online purchase and huge shipments are being dispatched every day. The warehouses need more capacity to store products because the items are shipped directly from the warehouse. When the items are heavy, they need to be handled by cranes very carefully. Therefore, overhead cranes prove to be of great help in storage.


The automotive industry calls for auto assembly lines and they rely on heavy cranes to send one product from one station to another. There are various cranes that can help, overhead cranes can also be useful here.

Goods Assembling


In every manufacturing industry, goods assembling is very critical. A little mistake could cause huge losses in the business. This is the reason assembling industries take a lot of care so that this does not occur. The overhead cranes are of great help here. These cranes are perfect for heavy lifting. With these cranes at hand, good management becomes too simple and easy. With the phenomenal features of overhead cranes, it would be too easy to maintain a great assembly line for your business.



Overhead cranes are of great use in construction industries. The leading crane manufacturers themselves say that jib cranes and overhead cranes are of great help in the construction industry. An overhead crane maximizes efficiency in the workplace along with increased safety at the worksite.

Power Plants


The power plants operate on the basis of heavy machinery and equipment. These equipment are required to be moved within the worksite many a time. For example, the turbine generator may need to be moved and replaced with care when needed. Only an overhead bridge crane can help here.

Plastic Injection Molding


Like the industries mentioned above, this industry too involves usage of heavyweight and high temperatures. To ensure safety and quick workflow require a swift system of overhead cranes. All the melted ingredients, raw materials along with the finished products should be handled carefully. This is where overhead cranes prove to be useful.


Managing a hangar involves moving heavy equipment that helps in the maintenance of an aircraft. The engines, interiors, ailerons are critical parts that should be moved with great precision. Only an overhead crane can ensure that the entire aviation assembly and repair are performed carefully.

The leading overhead cranes include special safety features as well. These safety features help you prevent any unwanted accidents or mishaps at the workplace. Thus in every way, these overhead cranes are proved to be an excellent choice for most of the workplaces.

Reach out to an EOT crane manufacture in Ahmedabad and find out which overhead crane would be better for your industry.