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Statistical Facts About EOT Crane Manufacturers That Showcase How The Industry Is Progressing Site.


Well, recently there have been observed plenty of latest trends among the EOT crane manufacturers in India and we have brought some of these trends to introduce them for you. We already know that the EOT cranes are doing a great job in easing out the heavy lifting jobs in various industries. These manufacturers have been able to conduct the business in a very managed way and the following are some of the highlights of the same:

  • Clients

The biggest importers of EOT cranes manufactured in India are the East Asian and Southeast Asian corridors. In April 2016 alone, some twenty cranes were exported from India and out of all the other countries, Bangladesh was the biggest purchaser and the second one being Vietnam. Some other countries that played a key role in exporting these EOT cranes are Saudi Arabia and many African countries.

All these countries are happily procuring the best EOT cranes in India and have shown their love towards the EOT manufacturers in India as well.

  • Product

Within the Asian continents specifically, the EOT crane manufacturers in India ship complete EOT cranes. However, the African countries and Saudi Arabia imports some parts of the EOT cranes on a larger scale. In fact, apart from the whole EOT cranes, the trading of spare parts caters to the significant portion in the trade of the EOT cranes. This makes it clear that the EOT cranes are expensive and the industry which cannot afford to buy an assembled EOT crane can just buy different parts and use them instead of replacing the crane completely.

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  • Incidents

Of course, when you have machines to do the heavy lifting work, the workers are no more needed to do to the heavy work. This way, the accidents at the site are reduced up to a great extent. As per one study done at the SCAL Academy that is based in Singapore, the dangerous incidents associated with the heavy work of EOT cranes have gone considerably down in the last 8 years. Where in 2019 10 fatalities were registered, it was reduced to only 1 by 2015. In the same time frame, the dangerous accidents were reduced to half. The accidents in the initial years were because the crane operator did not know how to operate the crane but gradually, things were sorted and today, the industries are making use of these EOT cranes with great ease.

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