The Simple And Efficient Machines: Jib Cranes


With the growing needs of man, industries are also increasing. Different industries have separate requirements, but one thing is constant which is need of machines. There is no industry which doesn’t require any machinery. The cranes’ manufacturers also belong to a specific sector which produces machines that are different in terms of their specifications and functions. The jib crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad develop tools that could be used in manufacturing, transport, and construction industries.

Specifically, there are three types of cranes, but whenever someone starts sharing some facts about cranes, jib cranes to mind first. It is one of the most common and extensively used types of cranes. The other two types of cranes are overhead cranes and gantry cranes which are equally useful and are gaining the deserved popularity slowly and gradually.

The Jib crane is a simple yet effective tool to lift heavy weight. The crane can be easily moved both horizontal and vertical which makes it possible to manage weightlifting in all the angles and direction. If, any time, you need some help to shift some weight in angular motion, then also jib cranes come handy. Another benefit of using jib cranes is that these are easy to store and manage. They are readily used in places where massive cranes aren’t accessible.

Here is the detail information about jib cranes:

Types of jib cranes

When it comes to the types of jib cranes, there are mainly three types:

  1. The first type of jib crane is that’s which is fixed on the ground. Even if it is set, it is highly efficient because it can move 360°.
  2. The second type of jib cranes is those which are mounted on walls. These cranes can rotate over an angle of 180°.
  3. The third type of jib cranes is mast type. The masts of the crane are provided with support at two positions, one out of which is top of the roof and the other is the floor of the building.

According to industry and functions, there are some more types too.

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Advantages of using jib cranes

The major benefits of such tools are here:

  1. The cranes can efficiently work in coordination with other types of cranes such as overhead cranes.
  2. The size is small which makes transportation of cranes easier.
  3. The cranes are easy to use and have simple mechanical instructions.
  4. The cranes can be repaired in minimal time.
  5. They need very less power to operate, and that’s why they have fastened their steps in chemical, wind, and paper industry.
  6. They are made of quality material which ensures a longer life.

Precautions to be taken while using jib cranes

Some factors that you should keep in mind while using them are:

  1. Do not overload them by putting more than specified weight.
  2. Check out if there is any bent support. Make sure that the wires are aligned adequately before operating
  3. The operator must be well acknowledged with the functions. Her must know all the emergency features such as overload indicator, stop button, and arm’s range.
  4. Before starting, check all the safety measures once.

Before starting, check all the safety measures once.