The versatility of gantry cranes improves maintenance and repair operations

Gantry cranes are frequently used in situations when a mobile crane must perform several different tasks. According to the gantry crane manufacturers in India, it is the adaptability of these cranes that makes them essential in the maintenance and repair operations sectors since lifting frequently takes place around the facility or even at various locations.

Three primary parts are typically used in the construction of gantry cranes: an I-beam or wide-flange beam, two support legs, and an A-frame framework. Adding caster assemblies to the ends of the gantry legs gives the structure added mobility and makes it possible to move the gantry quickly from one place to another. Gantry cranes are a great choice for maintenance and repair tasks both inside and outside of the facility since they can hold the load without being permanently mounted to building supports or foundations.

The appropriate gantry crane for your application depends on the environment where the crane will be utilised, even though maintenance and repair applications differ depending on each individual operation. For quick maintenance and repairs, gantry cranes that will only be used indoors are portable and may be moved almost anyplace in your facilities. Nylacron casters, which are frequently used as a more affordable alternative to motorised travel, can also be installed on indoor gantry cranes. These cranes normally use polyurethane caster assemblies but can also be track installed for manual or powered travel over a fixed path.

Portable or relocatable gantry cranes are frequently the more ergonomic choice because the majority of maintenance and repair applications do not follow the same exact set path.

Engine or Electrical Maintenance and Repair

A movable steel gantry crane is the ideal choice for businesses that undertake equipment maintenance and repairs on vehicles and machines. Workers in these facilities frequently have to take out bulky parts from inside a car, including the engine or transmission. Lifting parts from larger vehicles without a material handling solution is quite challenging, whether the vehicle is an automobile, rail car, or transit vehicle. For the sectors of engine or electrical maintenance and repair, flexibility and mobility are essential. Height, length, and tread width can all be altered on adjustable gantry cranes.

Gantries’ sturdy construction enables the I-beam to self-center over the weight. The gantry crane may reach into machines using this cantilever and lift whatever is necessary. 

HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Using a lifting mechanism that is both extremely mobile and lightweight is often necessary for HVAC applications. Steel gantry cranes can be moved around a building without much difficulty, although they are difficult to load and unload from a service vehicle and to move to a roof. An aluminium gantry crane is the ideal choice for these applications. Gantry cranes made of aluminium are simple to load into a service van, unload, and move to any location that is needed. The aluminium gantry crane is simple to assemble by two employees in a short amount of time. Aluminum gantry cranes are a great material handling option for employees who install, repair, or service HVAC equipment on rooftops or other remote places since they can lift up to 3 tonnes. 

Aluminum gantry cranes are also versatile enough to lift on uneven terrain or operate in confined locations because they have changeable heights and spans. Additionally, pneumatic tyres can be added to aluminium gantry cranes, enabling them to be moved with ease outside and on almost any rooftop surface.