Things To keep In Mind While Buying A Used Crane

Cranes cost a lot and that’s why buying one requires you to invest a large sum of money. Having a low budget and higher requirements can quickly compel you to invest in a used machine so that you can get your needs covered in a lower budget. 

While buying a second hand crane is actually a smart decision, it might not work well if you don’t make the right decision. Buying anything because you don’t get many options in second hand cranes will be a foolish thought. Also, there is a lot of risk involved with second hand cranes if you don’t get the right one. 

Here are a few steps hoist crane manufacturers in India suggest following if you want to invest in a second hand crane. 

Consider the load requirements 

One thing that gets ignored while buying a used product is load requirement. It is important to analyze your needs well before you start hunting for the right fit. While buying a low capacity crane when you have higher demands can affect the productivity of your system, buying a high capacity crane for lower loads will lead to wastage of resources. Be mindful of your requirements and choose the right one. 

Check the lift height 

If your demands require vertical lift of load, knowing the lift height is also important. Depending on your requirements, write down a boom length that will suffice your needs and will fit well into your space. A lengthier than required boom might cause adjustment problems in your space. 

Horizontal movement scope 

If your application requires movement of goods from one place to another, you will need a crane with horizontal movement. A wheeled crane will offer the required mobility. Depending on the movement, like if you want it to move in a fixed direction or in different directions, you can make your purchase. 

On-site terrain requirement

The area of operation plays a crucial role in determining the type of crane that will fit your workspace. Every crane needs a support structure and depending on the surface terrain, the support structure needs to be picked wisely. If the terrain is uneven, a wide support structure will do the job. For rough surfaces, specifically designed cranes fill the gap. 


It is crucial to notice that sometimes it can be tough for the crane to reach the project site. Make sure there is required space for the crane to reach your site otherwise your purchase will be of no value. If your project site is not easily reachable because of poor condition of roads, you can use boom trucks or specifically designed cranes. 

Examine for any safety issues 

First of all, the crane needs to be examined for any potential hazards due to its age or some other issues. Any damage or hidden issues can be life threatening in case of a crane. The next thing that’s important to know is how well the crane will work in a changed environment. A professional crane inspector will be of much help if you are dealing in such a situation for the first time. 

Bargain smart 

Again you will need someone to analyze the worth of the machine if you don’t have experience dealing with such projects. Look for all the loopholes and make sure to use them for your advantage. If the crane needs repairs and servicing, don’t forget to mention that. 

These were a few things that will help you get a better deal with used cranes. If you are still finding it hard to manage everything, a consultation call with crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad will solve many of your queries.