Tips That Will Help You Use an Electric Wire Rope Hoist Effectively

There are many ways of lifting heavy loading goods. One is utilizing electricity for it. The name electric wire rope hoist is self-explanatory. A drum is wrapped with a rope and with its help, heavy loading goods are lifted. Industries that require lifting heavy loads up and down quite frequently use electric wire rope hoist. It is capable of lifting a weight of 500 KG to 20 tons. If you are planning to buy a hoist, you have to clearly convey your requirements with electric wire rope hoist manufacturers to ensure that you get the right product. You should keep in mind that it requires special skills to operate a hoist. It is a tricky and complicated task. The operator must thoroughly understand all its working components before operating it to avoid an accident. The below-mentioned tips will help you use an electric wire rope hoist to its optimum capacity.

1.  Understand the product well:


To purchase the right product, it is important to understand the product well. Electric motors, gearbox, a rope drum with rope guides and a large wire rope coupled with a hook are integral parts of an electric wire rope hoist. Hoists are made in a way that they can carry heavy objects in hostile situations like stern heat produced during welding, furnaces, in an acidic atmosphere or over the burners. So, you have to state your requirements clearly before purchasing the hoist. There are wire rope hoist experts who provide accurate guidance to operators whenever required.

  1. Purchase the right product:


There are different types of electric wire rope hoist available in the market. The key to purchasing the right hoist is not to compromise with the actual requirements for saving a few bucks. If the purchased product is not up to the mark or not suitable for your requirement, then you will end up regretting. To ensure that you get the right product for your requirement, you have to clarify your load requirement and application to the manufacturer accurately.

  1.  Check it before start using:

Many operators tend to ignore the instruction guide that comes with an electric wire rope hoist. You cannot start using it straight away. You have to perform a few checks and tests like voltage matches, motor requirements etc. Carefully check all the limit switches and lubrication. These tests will make sure that your hoist runs for a long time without requiring any maintenance. Below is the checklist you should tick before you commence operations on the newly purchased hoist.

Voltage: Do you have an adequate power supply to support the motor of the hoist? Make       sure the voltage of the motor matches the available power supply. Do not connect the hoist to the power supply until and unless you are sure about this. This is important because the voltage is directly related to the speed of the hoist. Even a minor difference can affect the speed of the hoist. The voltage supply should be exactly as per the instructions.

Lubrication: Do not forget to check the lubrication. Gearbox needs an adequate quantity of suggested oil and grease grade to operate smoothly. Follow lubrication related instructions thoroughly before using the hoist.

Push buttons: It is essential to check control pendant switches before the electric hoist carries the load. The operator should check the stop button by pressing it and ensure that the movement of the rope immediately stops after pressing it. The instructions to release the stop button are displayed over the switch.

Wire rope tangling testing: Does the rope tangle when you lower it or lift the load with it? If yes, untangle it before starting the operation. The hoist does not proceed until and unless the rope is untangled.

Cross travel motion: To take an idea of rope’s movements, the operator should check cross travel motion. The operator can move the crane to right or left through a set of arrows given on the control switch. Take the hoist to the extreme of the monorail or the crane bridge to check that the cross travel limit switches are working in order.

Long travel motion:  If the operator wants to move the hoist horizontally, there is a third set of arrows available on the control switch. Taking the crane to the extreme of the gantry rails helps the operator understand whether the limit switches are working well or not.

Take a trial run with the load: If you wish to lower the crane, press the down arrow in the first set of arrows. If the hook is attached to the load, you can lift the load by pressing the up button. The second and third sets of arrows are used to guide the load to its destination.

  1. Observe the surroundings:

Hoist accidents can prove to be fatal. Be very careful while operating. When you operate the electric wire rope hoist, check your surroundings properly. Make sure nobody is standing under the hook. One should never take it casually; it can be very risky if something goes wrong. Keep people away while the operation is under process.