Top 10 Industries That Make Use Of Overhead Cranes


Overhead cranes are an efficient way to lift and move high loads which could not be raised by humans. The overhead crane manufacturers in India say that overhead cranes increase safety and help in managing floor space. Significant types of overhead cranes include gantry cranes, bridge cranes, eot cranes and many more. All of these are very functional and are used for different kinds of industries. Some of the industries that use overhead cranes are listed below. The cranes have proved to be the best option to make the loading job safer and efficient.


The people working in warehouses need to move heavy stuff too often. The crates used to store the items need to be handled safely plus the process is fast. Since they don’t have much time, the overhead cranes work best. A proper network can be managed in such a way that the load is moved and stored correctly.


The parts need to be moved from one place to another to combine and form the final set up. The auto parts are heavy and need cranes to move the pieces from station to station. Bridge cranes are used for the lifting and carrying purpose. Small gantries are also used to pull engines and lift bodies of vehicles.

Repair of heavy equipment

The shops that repair heavy equipment also need bridge cranes and gantry cranes. The stuff is unloaded for repairment and then reloaded after the job is done. The cranes are also used to move the equipment in the area around the workshop.

Metal manufacturing

Things such as molten ore and rolls of finished sheets are loaded on cranes to move them. Moreover, the temperature of the metal and surroundings is also dangerously high in the places and to handle such hot metals cranes are used. The workers can work from a safe distance with the specialized functions provided in the modern cranes.

Concrete manufacturing

Can you think of anything lightweight or small in this industry? The answer is no. The workers who work there use gantry cranes in the yards to handle the heavy loads and bridge cranes are used in the factory. Overhead cranes are used to pour architectural spans.

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Power plants

The equipment in the power plants needs to be working all the time, and whenever any of the machines need service, the bridge cranes come handy. The generator and turbines in the working plant need to be handled with care, and that’s why bridge cranes are used for moving purpose.


The heavy ship hulls are irregular in shape, and that’s what makes the movement even tougher. An overhead crane is used to move massive parts inside the slanted hulls. The development of ship hulls also requires the use of large gantry cranes.

Plastic injection modeling

As we discussed for metal manufacturing industries, there is heavy stuff and extremely high temperature in plastic injection modeling industries too. To perform the jobs safely and precisely, the workers need a strong network of overhead cranes. The overhead cranes help in securely handling the raw and melted materials.


Expensive hanger developed in the aviation industry is large in size and heavy. The other parts such as ailerons, engines, and interiors also need to be handled with care. An overhead crane is used to place the equipment and parts on the place. The cranes help them in assembling and repairing.


Heavy materials are loaded and unloaded on seaports because of international connection. The sites are the commercial link, and that’s why there is going and coming of enormously larger and heavier packages. The overhead cranes are used to serve on the seaports.