Top Benefits Of Gantry Cranes

EOT(Electric Overhead Travel) Crane Image

Nearly all the industries need tools to lift heavy objects, and when it comes to a versatile and customer friendly option, the gantry is the name. The crane moves over a single or set of rails. The rail is fitted under a bean over which the hoist lifts and takes the object to the destination. Since most of the industries need to move heavy weighing objects, cranes are a need of every business owner. The gantry crane manufacturers in India customize them according to the needs of the customers. All the cranes have different functions, but today we will discuss the things that make gantry a good option for most of the businesses.

The first and foremost thing that attracts all types of industries is the availability of different sizes. Both small and big enterprises can use the gantry cranes as per their need. There are many options for big industries which have ample space to adjust the cranes, but when it comes to space restricted companies, no other than gantry seems a good choice. Some of the gantry cranes also offer height adjustment feature which makes it possible for you to use the machine according to your comfort. Even the spans and treads are adjustable that make loading and moving of cranes easier.

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The gantry cranes come in different shapes. The varied shapes offer the use of crane both indoors and outdoors. Depending on your choice, you can get them either in steel material or aluminium. The cranes can switch between rolling and lifting inside the workstation. In some companies, there is not much space. The crane is moved in a fixed path, and for your surprise, the gantry cranes move better and faster. To cope up with the space issue in your small workstation, the crane manufacturers offer single leg gantry. The single leg gantry works with the help of the one leg it has, and an I-beam mounted on a wall. The A-shaped cranes with wheels below the legs are easy to move and highly portable for industries that have enough space in their workstation. The companies that build cranes offer various capacity ranges according to the needs of their customers. For example, starting from 5-10 tons, the capacity of gantry cranes can go up to 20-25 tons. The companies that work in manufacturing and supplying of heavy weighing machines might not find them up to the mark, but other industries will love them because of their versatility in everything.

The next benefit comes from the side of manufacturers. Customer satisfaction has all strayed the core motive of sellers, and that’s what has increased the need for customizable options. Even while buying a single t-shirt, we sometimes think that this should have been some other color. Gantry is, however, a big machine. Not all the buyers are same, but the cranes are manufactured according to the needs of the majority of clients. But, the availability of the latest technology and intelligent software, customization have made it possible for the employees to serve best to every customer. You can choose from the available options as per your needs, and they will assemble the gantry for you.

The next issue that comes after buying is assembling the tool into your workstation. The gantry cranes are very easy to assemble with bolts, and the best thing is most of the companies offer this service to their customers for free.

Still, if you think that your organization doesn’t need a gantry crane for the lifetime, renting is your way. No worries about maintenance and no need to spend a huge amount.