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Various kinds of EOT crane manufacturers in India

There are many kinds of EOT cranes available in the market and are used for different requirements. These cranes are widely used by multiple industries nowadays. It is very difficult to find the most suitable EOT crane manufacturer in India as there are multiple manufacturers. While you are selecting a good EOT crane manufacturer in Gujarat, you should consider that he provides a variety of cranes. It is essential that quality and cost should also meet your requirement. The Krishna crane is one of the best EOT crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad as well as whole India.

Our production range

  • Single girder crane– These cranes are used to handling up to 30 meters span. In these cranes, there may be wire rope hoists or electric chain hoists which depend on the requirement of particular’s requirement. Moreover, control is by pendant and remote control with the help of radio remote
  • Double girder EOT crane– This kind of crane is applied indoor as well as outdoor utilization. These cranes are highly functional in all ways. You can use it with the connection of the host to accomplish your task.
  • Jib crane manufacturer– There are two types of jib cranes manufactured in the market. One is standing pillar mounted and the second is column-mounted type. These cranes provide high productivity and generally used in big industries and construction fields. An expert manufacturer provides the wall-mounted type of jib crane as well.
  • Gantry cranes– These kind of cranes are also popular as Goliath cranes and usually applied in outdoor applications such as work of granite handling, steel stock warehouses, and docks. In addition, these cranes are also used in large industries for their many operations. As these are used in numerous fields and heavy material handling, it is crucial to consider its quality.

The Krishna crane is one of the most reputed gantry crane manufacturers in India.

What Is Better: Buying Or Hiring?

Hiring or buying a crane is totally your decision. While choosing one of the above options, you must look into several factors that can hinder your choice. The EOT crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad at Krishna Cranes have summed up the below tips for you to make the right decision.

What’s your budget? 

Since buying a crane is a significant investment, you must check if your pocket allows buying a new one. Buying out of budget could not be said as the right decision.

How many loads do you want to lift?

The amount of load that you will be going to load will also affect your decision. If the amount of weight varies and that’s too high sometimes, it is better to hire. Because crane with high capacity will cost higher. But, if your needs could be summed down a particular limit, buying will definitely save you bucks in the future.

How often you use the crane? 

Do you need a crane regularly? Or you need it on some special occasion. If you need a crane frequently, it’s better to purchase one instead of hiring as the fare will someday approach the total cost of the crane. If you need occasionally, hiring will help as you will not need to think about maintenance.

Storage space for the crane 

When you buy a crane, you need to keep it in a safe place. To prevent damage and corrosion, you will need to keep it in a dry and ample space. If you have something like that, you are good to buy. If you don’t have a place to keep the crane, consider arranging one before buying and keep on hiring.


Buying a crane will definitely need care. You will have to keep track of wires and other things. The crane will require regular maintenance, and the cost is quite high. When you hire a crane, the owner of the crane will take care of maintenance and other things. So, if you want to avoid the maintenance headache, hiring is best.


You can’t buy a different crane for every project, but hiring helps in getting the best-suited machine for various conditions. Hiring offers the flexibility to try cranes according to your needs. However, hiring is quite flexible; buying also offer flexibility. Though you will not be able to use a different crane for every purpose, you will have a crane to use whenever you need even for small works. You can buy something that suits your type of project for a better experience.

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