What are the jib crane types and their characteristics?

Jib cranes are a particular type of cranes that uses a pillar fixed on the floor or wall as a support to move. The pillar supports the rotation of the job consisting of a moveable hoist. The hoist is used to lift the weight, and that’s what the use of job cranes is. The jib cranes manufacturers in India say that these cranes come in different types and have several benefits.

The hoist of the cranes have a lift wheel or load with a chain or rope surrounding them to support the load. The lifting medium is a chain in most of the cases, but sometimes they also use a fiber rope or wire cable with an attached hook. The cranes are usually rotated either electrically or with air pressure.

Today, cranes are a very essential part of many applications, such as construction industries. Any such industry where heavy loads are required to save time and money and to be moved without harming any being these cranes come into the picture. There are basically 4 types of JIB cranes, having different characteristics and operation.

How do Jib Cranes work?


The jib cranes have three main characteristics. All the jib cranes rotate and hold the load, and the third property is transverse motion which is available in most of the cranes. The jib moves the load from one place to another plus up and down. The cranes work on both hand-powered rotations along with traverse motion. The cranes can also be operated on an electric powered rotation and hand-powered lift. While the former uses push/pull process to accomplish the task, the later use chain.

What Are The Types Of Jib Cranes?

Mainly there are two types of cranes: floor mounted and wall mounted. The wall mounted cranes are further divided into two types that are fixed and traveling cranes. Here are the specifications of these three types of cranes:

Floor mounted jib cranes


These type of cranes are supported by a concrete mast mounted on a floor vertically. The cranes are usually operated manually and are used to share the weight of other main cranes. The cranes follow a 360° rotation. They can lift the load up to 5 tons.

Wall mounted jib crane (fixed)

These cranes are economical alternatives of free-standing Jib cranes and Mast type JIB crane with the capability of 200-degree rotation. With the ability of longer span, they can also take loads up to 5 tons.

Wall mounted jib crane (traveling)

The cranes are more or less similar to fixed wall mounted cranes. The difference between the two is that traveling cranes can cover the lengthwise area along the walls without causing a disturbance on the floor level.

Mast Type JIB Crane

There are 2 designs available in Mast type jib cranes full cantilever and drop cantilets. They can lift the load up to 5 tons. As per the requirement heights and spans are possible.

Metreel Met-track JIB crane

It can handle the floor mounted rotation from 200 to 360 degrees and 200 degrees for ceiling mounted rotation. It can span to 16’. It is the most efficient, easy to handle and maintain crane out of others. It has increased safety and decreased injury chances.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Jib Cranes?

Jib cranes hold the title of one of the most versatile pieces. The cranes are used to lift and move the weight. Here are some of the benefits of using jib cranes.

Make your life easier

Their versatility, high functionality, and smooth operation make them the life savior machines. The small size can fit any soda easily, and that saves a lot of hassles. The cranes are useful for many industries including manufacturing and military. The craned reduce the need for human resources and minimize confusion while working. From quickly executing the tasks to smooth handling, jib cranes are a popular choice. A variety of projects can be accomplished within a short span of time with better productivity and least hassles. The best thing about them is most of the jib cranes can move 360°, and those with less rotation are wall mounted but doesn’t cause any floor obstruction. They can hold tons of weight and makes the moving process so much easier.

These cranes are inexpensive to buy and maintain

Jib cranes are smaller in size, and because of their easy installation, they reduce the cost to a great extent. The cranes are long term investment, and that’s what makes them a cheaper option in the long run because you save a lot on human resources. The best thing is that you can get a crane that ultimately belongs to you and get it installed instantly on your workplace. Moreover, jib cranes are efficient, and they stay good and safe for a long time which means they require least maintenance making reducing your hassles to a great extent.

Perfect addition for your space

Jib cranes can be used in factories, shipping yards, docks, and warehouses. These come in handy in a variety of manufacturing industries, and if you are into such industry, you need one too. They easy to handle features and capability to do jobs smoothly and seamlessly make them an excellent addition for your space.

JIB cranes help save time and money. Wall mounted or free standing, each crane has its own working nature. Depending upon the need at the site suitable crane is offered at the site.

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