What is the work of crane in construction sites?

When we talk of construction sites, there are plenty of sites and spaces that run in front of our eyes. The term construction site is a very wide term in itself. A construction site may be a residential project of a city, the oil industry is making, a power unit construction, commercial infrastructure and many more. Construction is a heavy-duty industry and every minute the workers need to shift huge amounts of concrete, cement, metals, iron and other material from one place to another.


Earlier all these things were lifted manually by the laborers. This process used to take plenty of time and it used to be a very labour intensive work. Thankfully, technologies have this task very easier for the construction industry. There are various cranes available in the market that can lift millions of tons of loads and shift from one place to another with great ease. As an owner of a construction site, you only need to get in touch with a crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad and get the right crane for your work. If you are perplexed by looking at the varieties of cranes available, you can talk to our consultants, and they will help you grab the best equipment for your business.

Let us come back to the main aim of this article, which is the various uses of a crane in construction sites. Apart from lifting heavyweight, here are some of the notable uses of cranes in various construction sites:

1. Lift and lower the material: As stated earlier, a crane is the most useful equipment used in the construction industry. The main task of the crane is to lift and lower the materials conveniently. Whether the project is a residential, commercial or heavy industry one, cranes are used to transfer objects from one place to another where manually it is not possible.

2. Process the building for bridges and overpasses: Imagine the construction of a bridge or an overpass in your city. Can you think of the construction getting completed without procuring a crane? Well, not really. We all know that bridge construction is a tedious task and when you need to move the large items from down to up, a crane is the only machine you can think of.

3. Help in moving large pipes : Where multi-storied buildings are being constructed, the cranes are used readily to transfer huge plumbing pipes from the ground level to the floor where they are needed. The pipes avaialble today are so huge that transferring them manually is not possible. Use a crane and you are sorted.

When you are constructing a multi-storied building, cranes are used to lift and bring down materials such s iron bars, bricks, shuttering materials and so on. These materials are heavy in weight, and it is not possible to handle them manually.

Talking about the oil industry and power plants, cranes are widely used to lift structural materials for bolting the H beams, I-beams, various angels, equipment and channels, piping materials and so on.

Cranes are very critical for the construction industry and we hope, we cleared your confusion.