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5 factors that may affect gantry crane design

Gantry cranes are cranes that are primarily used for heavy weight lifting. Instead of using a beam or other fixture, the gantry crane uses its own legs for support. Indoor gantry cranes may possess single or multiple girders. These multi girder models are responsible for heavy-duty work. To purchase a gantry crane for your utility, you may consult with a reputed EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

4 types of gantry cranes are available in the market for multifarious applications and jobs.

  • Full gantry cranes (they have two legs that run along a track)
  • Semi gantry cranes (have only one leg and the other side of the crane runs along a track on the wall to save space)
  • Portable gantry cranes (cranes are fixed on wheels)
  • Adjustable gantry cranes

Prime factors that are affecting the design of gantry crane

To operate your job in a hassle-free way, you should choose the right crane for the task. Depending on your requirements, you may need a custom gantry crane design. This ensures the crane suits its intended working conditions, facility layout, and load requirements. Here, we are mentioning some factors that may impact gantry design.

Arm and Span Length

You need to consider the size of the work area along with the size and weight of the maximum load to decide arm and span length. This is where gantry crane design is the most suitable. To support or lift weights reliably, you need to decide how big the crane should be and how much weight it can support.

Indoor or outdoor use

The operating environment of the crane will determine the ideal materials and finishes used to fabricate its various components. While selecting the materials and finishing process, you should consider temperature extremes and fluctuations, weather experience, and adverse operating conditions.

Fixed or Rotating Axle End Trucks

Since indoor cranes need to stay in one place, these cranes mainly use fixed axle end trucks. Outdoor cranes need to move across yards, so they may accumulate dirt and debris that will influence the performance of the crane. Rotating axle end trucks have fewer parts and that’s why they are ideal for outdoor cranes. You may use lubrication to block dirt and debris.


Gantry cranes have many advantages like they are versatile, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. But at the same time, they move loads sluggishly. If speed is your primary concern within your facility, you may need to consider a different type of crane. If you force a gantry crane to move a load quickly as compared to its normal capacity, this may lead to an accident or damage the load or equipment

Power Delivery

For supplying power, cable reels are the prime choice. Because the spring-loaded or motor-driven design can release and repossess cable as per your requirement. If you mount the cable reel on a swivel, you may work in multiple directions. But the disadvantage is that the cable will fall when long lengths are in use. This may cause problems for foot and motor traffic on the ground. You need customized design solutions for a series of poles and beams that can keep wires off the ground. For portable gantry cranes, a longer extension cord may be adequate. Or you may position the crane closer to a power source.

Applications and uses of gantry cranes

Some indoor gantry crane models can lift up to five tons. Thus, they are useful in shipyards, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, forges, and more. When lifting heavy components, raw materials, and heavy finished parts, gantry cranes offer versatility and trustworthiness. Like other hefty equipment, gantry crane design is based on specific standards for function and safety. These standards include design, fabrication, material selection, and even painting. The Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidelines to ensure the operations of gantry cranes safely. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Welding Association offer guidelines for building gantry cranes. All cranes should obey these standards. Krishna Crane Engineers is a reputed EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad that offers various types of cranes and hoists. Our quality assurance program meets the standards for multifarious industries. We offer a plethora of customization options to tailor crane solutions that especially meet all your requirements.
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