Top-running vs under-running overhead cranes

Overhead cranes play a pivotal role in modern industries like construction, steel, mining, shipyards, and many more. If you utilize these cranes prudently, then they can become indispensable equipment in industries. When you are dealing with overhead cranes, you may get a plethora of options including top-running and under-running. Both top-running and under-running overhead cranes are extensively used to lift and move loads vertically and horizontally. But each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. You may consult with the best EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad who will help you to choose the best overhead crane for your job. Understanding the difference between these two will help you to select the best one that will successfully meet your purposes.

Top-running overhead cranes

A top-running overhead crane comes with a fixed rail or track system installed on the top of each runway beam. This encourages the end trucks to carry the bridge and hoist along the top of the runway system. Depending on the application needs, overhead cranes can be two types and they are a single girder and double girder. A single girder crane possesses a trolley and hoists mounted on the bottom, on the other hand, a double girder overhead crane uses a top running trolley and hoist for additional lift height.

Top running overhead cranes are larger than under running cranes. These cranes have higher capacities and can accommodate wider spans. Since the crane is mounted on rails on top of the runway beams, there is no suspended load. This means the installation, service and maintenance are easier and less time-consuming for top running overhead cranes.

Benefits of top running single girder crane

· Typical Load Capacity: 1/4-ton to 20 tons
· Typical Span: Under 65 feet
· Typical Service: Light to medium duty
· These cranes are typically used in light manufacturing, fabrication and machine shops, light assembly line, warehousing facilities, maintenance and repair centres.
· Low deadweight
· Extra overhead space
· Faster hoist and trolley speed
· Lower production cost

Benefits of top running double girder crane

· Typical Load Capacity: 20-400 tons
· Typical Span: Over 65 feet
· Typical Service: Medium to heavy-duty
· These cranes are used in steel and metal mills, coil handling, foundries, large fabrication and stamping facilities, paper mills, casting plants, etc.
· Offers the most overhead floor space
· High speed

Under-running crane

Because of a user-friendly design, under-running overhead cranes provide the utmost versatility and meet all your production needs. These cranes are also known as underhung cranes because the bottom flange of the runway beam offers support for the wheels and encourages the movement of the bridge across the site.

The trolley and hoist of an under-running overhead crane move across the bottom flange of the bridge beam. Under-running overhead cranes are mostly set up as single girders because a double girder design is expensive and may not suitable for your needs and requirements.

Very often, these under-running cranes allow you to maximize your site’s floor space for the production and storage of material. Because these cranes are mostly supported from the existing ceiling corbels or the roof structure.
The service and installation of an under-running crane system are complicated and time-consuming. Since the crane is suspended from the runways, hence, it may take longer to check the alignment or service the wheels of the crane.

Benefits of an under running overhead crane

· Typical Load Capacity: 1/4-ton to 15-tons
· Typical Span: Under 65 feet
· Typical Service: Light to medium duty
· These cranes are used in fabrication shops, maintenance buildings, and manufacturing facilities
· Since they are supported by existing ceiling trusses or roof structures, hence offer to maximize floor space.
· If no runway support columns are needed, then it minimizes material cost.
· Increased end hook approach and bridge beam and hoist are under runway beams

You should have adequate knowledge regarding the advantages of top-running and under-running overhead cranes. This will help you to select the best option for your production needs. You may consult with a reputed EOT manufacturer in Ahmedabad who will guide you on which one would be the most suitable for your applications.

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