Basic Elements of Electric wire rope hoists

  • A Electric wire rope hoist is a equipment use to lift heavy objects swiftly and safely.
  • wire rope always rotate on moving pulley and forged steel hook as per IS: 3815 supported on thrust bearing.
  • Forged hook is affixed to the end of the wire rope, and it is used to grapple onto an item to be lifted.
  • Wire Rope always wound on drum mfg. from
  • Seamless Pipes with grooves for proper seating of wire rope as per different size.
  • Many types of hoists will feature a trolley system that allows the pulley and motor to move along a track, thereby making movement of heavy items even easier.
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoists are designed & constructed generally as per the requirements of IS: 3938.

Fabricated from plates confirming to IS: 2062, Gr A, laser cut profile & duly finished in boring machine.

Gears & Pinions:
Helical / spur type, made from Alloy steel materials, duly hardened and tempered. Teeth cutting carried out after heat-treatment for smooth, less noise operation.

Heavy duty ball bearings of reputed makes used on all rotating parts, grease packed.

S4, 150 Starts per hour, 40% CDF, crane duty Squirrel Cage motors as per IS: 325

Wire rope:
As per IS: 2266 of reputed make suitable construction, factor of safety as recommended in IS: 3938.

Rope guide:
Provided for guiding the rope along the axis of Rope slides & is easy to dismantle from rope drum.

Hooks as per IS: 15560 shall be offered on request.

ACEM Disc brake provided for hoist and for Cross Traverse shall be provided on request

Limit Switch:
Normal roller type limit switch provided for over-hoisting & over-lowering and cross travel to cut off the power at desired level.

Trolley Adjustment:
Trolley easily adjustable for different beam sizes. Higher flange width shall be offered on request.