What is single girder EOT Crane?

Definition of single girder EOT Crane?

There is one single beam in single girder crane it appearance shows it is single girder crane. A single girder crane is used for light duty weight and short period work. It has 20 tons lifting capacity normally and can work maximum for 6 hours. Actually, it is most suitable for 1 to 20 ton lifting capacity. Single girder EOT crane is useful for short time operation and low duty load. Single girder cranes are available in both top running and under running.

Features of single girder crane are as follows:

  • This makes less effort for lifting compared to double girder crane
  • Cost for maintain is lower in this type of crane
  • There are latest safety tools are included.
  • It is Convenient for light weight lifting.
  • It makes light duty load by boosts up heavy load and space saving.
  • Heavy duty is done with steel rope guide.
  • It is long lasting durable in service.
  • Double grooved rope installed at all height levels to easy load lifting.
  • There should be VVF drive for accuracy in load as a optional feature.
  • In this plate welded box girders placed for safety and less vibration.
  • Cost effectiveness solutions for optimum utilization of space
  • High stability for very low dead weight
  • Low load on the crane run way and building structure
  • Maximum hook approach
  • Outstanding travel characteristics ensuring safe and gentle handling
  • Capacity : 1 Ton to 20 Tons
  • Span : 5 to 35 mtrs

Special Features of modular cranes:

  • Lightweight and compact construction minimizing building loads and space saving
  • Suitable for Light and Medium duty workshop applications
  • All motors are TEFC with class F insulation
  • Heavy duty cast steel rope guide
  • Upper and Lower hook travel limit switch
  • Additional Counter weight operated over hoist limit switch as option
  • VVVF drives are available as an option
  • Compact and lightweight festoon cable system
  • Pendent and Radio remote control operation

Over all general drawing of single girder eot crane:


Which are the types of single girder crane?

Top running and under running, both types of cranes are installing in single girder crane. In top running single girder cranes ELV and ELK, structural girder cranes are available. It has 1/2 to 10 tons capacity and 60 feet lifting capacity.


Single girder cranes are very convenient for low or medium load and medium height level. Its main advantage is that there is low deadweight and reduces cost. Its maintenance charges are also not so much comparing to other cranes.

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