Buying the right hoist at the right cost


A hoist is used for the task of lifting and lowering objects or load. The lifting and lowering is carried out by means of a rope or a chain. This can be manually operated or electrically or even pneumatically. The load to be lifted is hooked to the crane. The two main defining factors of a hoist are the lifting medium and the power type.

Benefit of a using a Crane

Heavy material handling equipment are commonly found in manufacturing units or large scale factories, not to mention construction sites. Cranes help speed up routine tasks since the alternative is doing it manually which would take a lot of effort. Thus a rope hoist can be used which consists of wired rope and sheaves or a pulley and are available in various sizes. The size essentially depends on the application.

Wire rope hoists are often found in such places. They usually consist of a wired rope and sheaves or a pulley and come in various different sizes per the specific application they are used for. Using a wire rope hoists will make sure that the number of accidents stay to a minimum as well as make sure that the material being hoisted remains safe and secure. Besides which it will save a lot of time and effort.

When it comes to wire rope selection they are available in various sizes and weight class. For Eg. a sample wire rope hoists can be 1/4 in size and of 0.12 wight per foot. The strength would be 3091 Kgs and the all important working load of 885 kgs.

Wire rope capacities

Wire Rope Hoist

The wire rope capacities will range from 2 tons to 30 tons. They are meant to be used for heavy loads and that too frequent use and thus all the components are designed to withstand high temperature as well. However each crane is different and will have their own wire rope strength table which is worth a quick read.

Buying a wire rope hoists:

Care needs to be taken when buying a crane. Here are a few important factors to take into consideration.

  • Make sure you know what the crane is going to be used for; to be more specific you should know the weight of the load .
  • By making sure about the required specification it is possible to save on wire rope costs. Since this way you are only paying for what you want and not for extra.
  • A good example of where a hoist crane is extensively used is the steel business. There is a constant requirement of using the hoist and hence it is used almost all through the day and they usually get to 50% of the rated hosting capacity. Hence this place need to choose wisely, since if they opt for a electric one they risk overheating the equipment and end up with more down times.

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