Choosing the Right Hoist Crane: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Manufacturers

EOT Cranes: An Asset For Load Lifting Industries


Industries that produce and supply on a large scale can’t handle everything with manual labor. Not only it takes a lot of time, but it’s not even safe. Manual handling causes many accidents and life loss as well. So, cranes are the most widely used machines in such industries. The EOT crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad says these machines are well designed to move items in assembly lines and warehouses. The lifting devices are perfect to be used on construction sites, power stations, and construction halls. Since a single machine can not meet individual needs, the manufacturers have divided them into categories. One of the subcategories or types of cranes, which is used most commonly is the EOT crane. The electric overhead traveling crane offers services in a large area. Warehouses, stock grounds of mining, and workshops have a heavy load to unload, move, and reload. These industries make use of EOT crane on a large scale. EOT cranes can also be divided into further categories to serve certain individual needs of the buyer. The cranes come in a variety of sizes and designs with varied loads and lift capacity. The cranes are designed by professionals so that all the safety measures could be followed. The high-quality raw material is used to produce such cranes on a large scale. Designs from professionals and manufacturing from experts make the cranes safe and durable. Improved productivity and growth in the industrial sector in the past few years is proof that secure material handling devices are the backbone of the industrial sector. Industries are producing on a large scale, and the growth has been so rapid that it wouldn’t have been possible with manual labor. If you are into an industry that handles heavy loads, you might also want to have one such device. An EOT crane can make the processes in your workshop really easy and comfortable to manage. Here are some of the features of EOT cranes.

Types Of EOT Cranes

EOT cranes are further divided into three categories. The types include bridge cranes, monorail cranes, and jib cranes. Each one of them is designed for a special purpose and is different in both design and working.

Used in a variety of industries

EOT cranes have immense applications. The cranes are used in a wide range of industries, one of the most common being the lifting sector. The cranes can be used in steel mills, logistics and drive solutions, automobiles, processing plants, and several others.

 Reliable And Durable

The cranes stay good for a longer period of time. All thanks to the durable material used while manufacturing. You can rely on them for efficient and fast services.

Available in several sizes and designs

You can find them in a variety of designs and styles as well. The size will also vary according to your needs. You can also get a piece customized just for your business needs.

Can be used indoor as well as outdoor

The cranes can easily manage both indoor and outdoor tasks. They spend very less time in moving objects.

A better alternative to manual labor

Not only the manual labor is slow, but there are high chances of mishappening as well. Cranes replace human labor with a better option in addition to improving productivity.

Major working principles of EOT cranes 

  • Up and down lifting
  • Parallel or longitudinal motion
  • Perpendicular or lateral motion

EOT cranes are highly efficient and that’s why the use of such devices is increasing day by day. The cranes require manual force only for controlling and guiding purpose. The hard lifting of bulky objects in done in seconds when you use a crane.