Basics of electric wire rope hoist

A hoist is a device which used to lifting load from one place to another with the help of drum or lift-wheel having rope around it. The load is attached to hoist by means of lifting hook. It is operated manually, electrically and also with the help of chain. We have many hoists manufactures in India who offers standard electric wire rope hoists to all over the world.

Actually wire ropes are flexible and composed of several steel or fiber wires. It is very necessary to measure its standard of quality. A sample specification is should like 6×37 or 6 x19 this shows its number of standard x number of wires per stand. We have a large number of firms which provides the standard electric wire rope hoist manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Electric wire rope hoist is useful for heavy load lifting and it is a superior safe and favorable device, wire rope device offers the best investment for your business. Many hoist manufacturers in Ahmedabad provides multi advantages for your company.

Types Of Hoists

A hoist is an integral part of a crane. The lifting and moving tool will be nothing without it. Since the lifting jobs are different according to industries, cranes are also manufactured as per individual requirements. Further, the hoists used with each type of crane or under certain conditions also varies. Hoists can be divided into five categories depending on two characteristics.

Based on lifting medium, we divide them as wire rope hoist and chain hoist.

The second type is the source of operating power based on which, hoist are divided into three categories: air-powered hoists, electrically powered hoist, and manual powered hoist. Here are the type of hoists.

Chain Hoist

Chain hoists have metal chains for lifting goods in the industry. The chain is pulled through sprockets while lifting a weight, and then it’s dropped into a container. Chain hoists are comparatively low maintenance, and they might cost less than wire rope hoists. The chain hoists can be operated manually, electrically, and pneumatically (by air).

Wire Rope Hoist

Just like chain rope hoist, these can also be powered manually, electrically, and pneumatically. The hoist makes use of ropes for lifting stuff. It wraps the wire around the grooved drum. Why it is used over chain hoist is because it can lift huge weight at a comparatively high speed. The wire rope hoists can lift the weight to a much higher height.

Manual Hoist

The manual hoist can be both chain and wire rope hoist. When the speed factor is not to be concerned, manually operated hoists are used. The design of such elevators is simple, which offers easy inspection and cleaning. Thus, the hoist is quite easy to maintain. The hoist is best used in narrow places because of its compact design. It’s used on a large extent because of its ability to work without power.

Electrical Hoist

The electrical hoist can also be designed both wire rope hoist and chain hoist. As the name suggests, these tools work on the availability of power. These elevators are controlled by radio controls or push button pendants. The hoist cannot run continuously in unlimited cycles.

Air Hoist

A piston or rotary motor is used in air hoists. The motor is powered by compressed air. The air present in the motor passes through the system during the cycle and keeps it cool. The hoists don’t get overheated during the duty cycle and can thus operate continuously without the fear of bursting.

Benefits of standard featured wire rope hoist

  • It provides compact design and facilitates to modernization of crane as per current industries demand and supply.
  • It offers easy and effective load handling & easily available in the market.
  • Provides surety for safety and saves material from damages.
  • This is a time saver tool because it done work in very short period which takes hours to complete.
  • It is very safe for lifting of higher level load and no manual effort make by using this devise.
  • It is a complicated job to work with a hoist but wire rope makes it easy and its best features are useful for reaching the best wire rope hoist.

Features of electric wire rope hoist

  1. It is portable and weather proof.
  2. There must be easy to service electrical control system and extra chain for higher height lifting.
  3. There should hoisting gear box, motor and break is one single compact unit to discard any opposite problems.

There is one most important element for wire rope is, it must be manufactured and constructed as per demanded by IS: 3938.



Hoist manufactures in India provides good featured electric wire rope hoist which makes your work easy and efforts make on other activities.