Why to go for Rope Hoist: Advantages and uses of Rope Hoist

Lifting gears are necessary for almost all kinds of industries may it be automobiles, food and beverage or construction, lifting gears are used widely. There are various alternatives available for lifting gears and other similar equipment. With the ample number of options available, it has become a real challenging task to decide the best equipment that you can avail for your lifting purposes. So here is a quick comparison made by electric winch manufacturers in India between two lifting gears, namely wire rope and chain hoists that will help you to decide which one to choose according to your requisites.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist –commonly seen at manufacturing unit, large scale factories and construction sites, is a mechanism which is used for lifting heavy weights. It gives workers a helping hand in making their work easy and hassle free. It shorts out work in certain period of time which takes them hours or days to finish or the thing which they find hard and difficult to lift by themselves.


Wire Rope hoists generally consist of a wired rope and sheaves or pulleys and available in variety of sizes. The product is available in various brands in the market. The price varies in accordance with the types and brand. It is easily available at online shopping portal

Wire ropes are made of stainless steel and are manufactured by making sturdy stands out of metal wires that are twisted to take its shape. These strands are further twisted around each other to form a helical pattern. These wire ropes are strong, sturdy and reliable and come rolled over a central fibre core.


Chain Hoists

Chain hoists as the name suggests are made using chains that are made of zinc and steel plated metals. The working of these chain hoists is somewhat similar to wire ropes; the only difference being that these hoists do not make use of helical strands that are rolled over each other. Instead, chain hoists have chain links that are attached by means of safety catches and hooks.

The resemblance between chain hoists and wire ropes

Both chain hoists and wire ropes are used for a wide range of applications. They are operated manually and are durable enough to serve for a long period of time. They are easy to maintain and offers safety standards. Inspection of both the lifting gears is easy and are reliable and long lasting.

The benefits and advantages of having this product in your premise as below;

  • Very comfortable in lifting heavy weights
  • Almost zero manual effort
  • Safe and sound in lifting the weight or material
  • Lessen the chances of accidents in the premises by using the mechanism
  • Saves time –finishes work in certain period of time which takes them hours or days to finish
  • Using Rope hoists ensure the safety or any physical damage of material.
  • Easily available in market. Can be used to carry any type of weight
  • Price varies according to the quality, quantity and brands you select
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Wire ropes and chain hoists have a lot of similarities between them, but there are various advantages of preferring wire ropes over chain hoists. Wire ropes find significant usage in lifting gear industry because they are made using strands and wires which assures the spreading of pressure, stress and weight on the overall length rather than being distributed on a single strand alone.

Even if one strand breaks, there are chances that the lifting work will be completed without any hindrance. Though a professional would recommend not to use the wire rope which has suffered any such issue but still the current operation can definitely be completed irrespective of the broken strand. On the other hand, considering the chain hoists, even if a single chain breaks, it will put a full stop to the lifting work and the whole chain will become useless and unserviceable. And if such a thing happens in the middle of any lifting operation, the chances are that the load that was being lifted up can also suffer damage and can be prone to risks.

Al chain hoists are also made taking care of the safety standards and durability, but still, such a condition can arise, which is unavoidable and has no human control over it. Chain hoists are thus Prone to suffer wear and tear, whereas this is not the case with wire ropes.

Another reason for preferring wire ropes over the chain hoists is that the wired ropes are stronger in comparison to the hoists and are capable of lifting heavy weighted loads. Chain hoists are capable of lifting weight weighing up to 30000 kgs whereas wire ropes can lift weight up to three times the load that the chain hoists can lift. Wire ropes have the capacity of lifting a load of about 90000 kgs. Thus for handling heavy loads, Wire ropes are the best option.

Also, ropes find major usage in comparison to the chains. They can also be used as geothermal cables, decorative pieces as balustrades, cabling purposes and can also provide support at construction sites.

Thus we can say that wire ropes and chain hoists have their own set of benefits and usage with the former being used more in comparison to the latter. But if you are still in a state of confusion on what to use and what not to use, you can consult the professionals who can help you out according to your requisites.

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