Highly skilled single and double girder crane manufacturers considering perfect specifications

Eot cranes mention to electric overhead traveling crane, this can be having single girder or double girder. The main elements are used in these cranes such as the main beam, runways, electric drive, control device, crane trolley traveling tools and much more. There is an availability of good quality single girder eot crane in India. These cranes are used in many fields like steel making factory, petrochemical industry, construction business and many other places.

Superior single and double girder crane design is crucial to achieving great outcomes in your project. There is a large number of single and double girder EOT crane manufacturers in India who provide a wide range of designs.


Consider below single girder crane specifications before applying. Some elements like capacity, span, bridge travel speed, trolley travel speed and hoist speed are considered.

Single girder crane specifications

  • Lifting capacity– Single girder crane generally has the capacity for load lifting up to 20 tons. You should select the most suitable for crane capable of lifting your material carefully.
  • Span– The maximum span capacity of this crane is up to 120 feet.
  • Bridge travel speed- There should be perfect speed as per load which is lifting
  • Trolley travel speed– Generally, trolley travel speed is applicable up to 150 fpm.
  • Hoist speed– Hoist speed is acquired up to 41 ppm based on your application

Furthermore, some other points considered like,

  • Sturdy steel structure
  • Voltage
  • Host should be electric
  • Bumpers are also should be rubber bumpers on end trucks
  • Trolley should be motor driven having two drive wheels and brakes as per the requirement

So, above mentioned specifications will be useful for selecting the right single girder crane as per the requirement of your application.

Likewise, you should consider double girder EOT crane specifications if you have requirement of heavy load lifting.

Here are some specifications of double girder EOT cranes

Capacity– Double girder crane should have a maximum load lifting capacity up to 50 tons as these cranes are applied specially for heavy load lifting.

  • Span– Maximum capacity of double girder crane is up to 114 feet
  • Speed– Bridge travel, trolley travel, and hoist speed should be considered for the right selection.
  • Bridge travel speed– Double girder crane should have up to 160fpm bridge travel speed.
  • Trolley travel speed– 82 fpm is the ideal trolley travel speed as per  the need of your application
  • Hoist speed– There should be hoist speed up to 41 fpm.

You should determine above specifications to choose the right crane in your project to make your work easy.

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