Making installation of Wire rope simpler

It is not hard to master using a wire rope hoist. However there have been several accidents associated with cranes and hoists in the past and some of them have even been fatal. In the past several accidents have been found to be as a result of improper training, carelessness and even bad installation. Hence all the tasks associated with hoist need to be taken seriously only attempted after proper training. Several safety standards are now in place to make sure future accidents are prevented. The safety standards extend from installation of the wire rope to using it.

Installation tips that made Wire Rope simpler:

  • Make sure to check the length of each rope. This can be found on the installation layout. It is also a good idea to count the number of ropes.
  • The diameter of the rope is also something that should be noted. There will ideally be a crosshead data plate on the top of the car which should show the diameter of the rope. Alternatively that diameter can also be measured with the help of a calliper or micrometre.
  • Other important factors include the stranding and construction of the rope. Stranding in this context considering the number of strands per rope and the number of wires per strand. For example if there is an 8 strand rope with 19 wires per strand then the wire has a 8 x 19 stranding.
  • The wire rope hoists also differs when it comes to the lay. The lay of the rope can be right regular or even right Lang.
  • Depending on the application of the hoist you may want to check the grade or tensile strength of the rope. The higher the strength of the rope, the higher the grade. High grade ones are often used on high rises. These may also be useful in high speed hoisting conditions.
  • The breaking load can be found on the cross head data plate. The breaking load can range from several values; for e.g. it could be 6550 kg or 14500 pounds.

Maintenance of Wire Rope Hoists

  • When transporting reels, it is best to do so by rolling on a flat surface. Alternatively it can also be lifted from a pipe in the reel center hole.
  • When kept for storage purposes it is necessary to make sure that the wire rope hoist is protected from moisture, sunlight, and even dirt or dust.
  • Special care is required while unreeling the wire rope hoist; in addition to which kinking or dragging the wire rope hoist over a shape edge that can damage it, should be avoided.
  • It is advisable to make use of splices when installing the wire rope hoist. This will help prevent the wire rope hoists from rotating.


Although operating a Wire Rope Hoist is not very hard there are few important pints to keep in mind when doing so. Always make sure the wire rope hoist is functioning fine and is in perfect working condition prior to using it. Never use more load than what the hoist is designed for and never lift any kind of load over people.

It always pays to be aware about everything there is to know about Wire Rope Hoists like:

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