How Gantry Cranes Make Your Job Easy

As a production company, you are already entitled to incur a lot of expenses. From production to packaging, there is a lot that you need to invest in. In such a situation, adding the costs of a permanent lifting system might not seem feasible. Though very useful, a permanent lifting system asks for a lot of capital. If you don’t wish to make such a large investment for your material handling needs, you can go for gantry cranes.

A gantry crane is a staunch alternative to permanent lifting systems. Gantry cranes can lift up to 15 tonnes of weight quite conveniently. Plus, they are movable and thus can help in carrying the load around your work station. Workstations with large open areas especially use gantry cranes for lifting heavy loads. Cargo stations, industries and various constructions sites also use gantry cranes extensively.


Advantages of using a gantry crane

If you know efficiently how to operate a gantry crane, it can make the functioning of your work unit substantially easier. The structure and the design of gantry cranes are designed specifically to provide the following usage benefits:

  • Complete Mobility: Most of the work station cranes are stationary. The load has to be brought to the crane in order to lift it. While in the case of gantry cranes, you get complete mobility.
  • Staunch Lifting Capacity: Despite being moveable, gantry cranes have commendable lifting capacity. An average gantry crane can lift up to 15 tonnes of a load which is very useful.
  • Customisable: Based on the requirements of your workstation, you can customise the height, treads or even spans of your gantry crane. Thus, you can get a lifting system which fits your requirements completely.
  • Durable: Gantry Cranes are durable equipment that can help you with lifting heavy loads. Gantry cranes can be operated very effectively in the temperature range of -20 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius.

The mechanism of how gantry crane works is very feasible for all types of workstations. A quality gantry crane can very efficiently fulfil your lifting system needs.

When required for lifting cargo materials in warehouses, single girder gantry cranes are used. These gantry cranes have a comparatively weaker lifting capacity as they can carry weight up to 12.5 tonnes. Despite that, these gantry cranes are the perfect fit for cargo lifting.

Where very heavy loads are required to be lifted, double girder gantry cranes are used. These cranes are very durable and have a commendable lifting capacity. Thus, a vast range of industries and companies make use of double girder gantry cranes. Trolley rails are installed on the upper part of the bridge girders in the case of these double girder gantry cranes.