What is EOT Crane and How anyone can operate?


When there is an issue with the loading, unloading or relocating of heavy and rough objects then the EOT cranes come into picture, the company in need of the EOT firstly start there search from the peak city as EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad. It is used in many warehouse, workshop and stock ground of industries and mining enterprises. The working temperature of EOT is approximately from -20℃ to 40℃ but it cannot be used in explosive, combustible or corrosive environment

Description of EOT Crane?

EOT stands for Electric Overhead Travelling crane which is a type of the overhead crane and is also known as bridge cranes which consist of parallel runways with a travelling bridge spanning the gap. It is operated by electric and there is an operator cabin or a control pendant along with the EOT crane.

There are two types of EOT cranes

Double Girder EOT Cranes

A double-girder configuration has two double girder which has two the trolley and the hoist as they run along the axis of the beams. The advantage with the double-girder bridge crane system, whether top-running or under-running, is that it allows a greater height for the lift, as the hoist is positioned between the girders and not under them. This positioning provides more vertical operating space to the individual handling the equipment.


The single-girder has one single girder which has the trolley and the hoist as they run along the axis of the beams. A single-girder bridge crane system, whether top-running or under-running, has the advantage of economical cost and also lighter weight in comparison to the double-girder equivalent. It also can be installed faster.

How To Use An Overhead Crane?

Capacity of Crane

The material to be loaded, unloaded and replaced should be holded keeping in mind the capacity of the crane, if the capacity is lower or the hoist is braked then loading should take place after repairing.

Daily exercise

Before using the crane make an exercise daily of checking the smooth movement of crane in all even directions. If there is some unusual sound then their call of a repairing.

No detached parts

It is insecure to use loose material as it either needs a replacement or repairing. The sling and the hoisting ropes should be tighten so that loading doesn’t effect.

Stop the crane completely

The functionality of the cranes should be as such that if you want to stop the crane the crane immediately stop.

Prepare for an emergency

The employee of the workshop or mining should be alert that they should call a cab in case of any failure with respect to electrical, mechanical or power. All cabs should be fire extinguishers.

Turn down the machines before you leave

Always make a practise that before leaving the premises, switch Off the machines properly,  then remove all the load hanging on the crane’s hooks, hoist all hooks at a mid position and then keep the crane at specific site.