How To Operate Gantry Cranes The Right Way

Load handling devices make manufacturing processes so much easier. The tools help us lift and move heavy weights without many efforts. The best thing about such machines is that it prevents excessive involvement of humans and that increases safety. Apart from increasing safety, the tools also save a lot of time by speeding up the whole process. Every tool gives its best performance only when operated the right way. The gantry crane manufacturers in India suggest that, just like any other load handling device, gantry cranes also need to be operated the right way to gainc better outcomes. Let’s see what’s the right way to operate a gantry crane.

Inspect The Crane Well

The first and very crucial thing to take care of is inspections. The crane must be inspected well to make sure everything is working fine. The operator must check all the controls, hooks, wire ropes, safety equipment and other things. Checking the crane for lubrication and proper power supply is also essential to ensure the smooth working of the machine. Apart from that, make sure the track is clear and no one is present in the prohibited area.

The biggest reason for crane operations is carelessness. Most of the time, either the crane operator was not skilled enough or was not attentive. If you are hiring someone to operate your crane, make sure the person is trained. The training to operate cranes also involves safety instructions and practices. Thus, hiring someone who knows it all can make sure you and others are safe.

No Going Against Rules

All the safety controls and other rules are meant to keep the crane running smoothly and ensure the safety of everyone working around. The workers, whether they are directly involved in the process or not, can get harmed if anything goes wrong. The operator must be well aware of all the rules and must ensure that all of them are followed. All the instructions related to weight, load height and others must be followed.

Ring The Bell

The operator is expected to ring the bell if anything goes wrong or if he has to pass any information. Even when he needs to send some signals, ringing the bell is a rule. Here are a few situations where ringing the bell is necessary.
When the weight is rising or falling
When the trolley starts moving
When the movement of crane is not clear
When someone is seen near the load
When the gantry crane is approaching some other device in the area

Monitor The Crane Behaviour

You won’t believe how important it is to monitor crane behaviour. Pay close attention to how the crane is moving. If it seems to be behaving abnormally at any point in time, it’s a signal to stop it right there. Turn the power and all the controls off and let the crane rest. It shouldn’t be used again without proper inspection and repairs if some fault is seen.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance keeps everything working smoothly and that’s why crane manufacturers suggest regular inspection and maintenance. After use, the crane must be checked well to make sure everything is in place. All the controls must be properly aligned and the filters must be changed on time. You should also take care of lubricant requirements and make sure everything is clean. Running a crane is not an easy task especially because there is a major risk if anything goes wrong. Though safety has improved a lot in recent years, knowing the working process better can make it really easy to operate it well.