How to choose a Suitable Jib Crane For Your Industry?

Jib Cranes are a quick and efficient way to shift objects from one place to another. Jib in Jib Crane is a horizontal beam attached to a support by which we can move objects in a circular area. Use of Jib Crane improves the speed and efficiency of work, especially in a tight and confined area. Jib crane manufacturers in India suggest the below tips to choose the right jib crane for your industry.

Types Of Jib Cranes

There are different types of Jib Cranes available in the market to choose from but here we will discuss three broad categories of Jib Cranes. Also, all Jib Cranes have their own characteristics and you can customise them according to your needs.



Floor-Mounted Jib Cranes are 360° rotatable and hence they cover a large area. Freestanding Jib Crane and Mast-Style Jib Cranes fall under this category. The freestanding system is more expensive than other Floor-Mounted Jib Cranes because it is specifically designed for heavy usage. Floor-Mounted Cranes are a good option if floor space is available, else you have to look into other options given below.



Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes is a better option if there is no availability of floor space. They provide 200° rotation and can handle a load of up to 5 tons. Surely, they are not as heavy-duty as Floor-Mounted but they are a perfect pick for crowded areas. Wall-Mounted Jib Crane also has two types: Cantilever and Tie Rod supported. The cantilever is easy to install and provide the greatest amount of clearance. Whereas Tie Rod supports are economical than other Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes.



The main difference between the traditional and Articulating Jib cranes is articulating Jib Cranes have a pivot point along the jib arm. Therefore they are used for moving loads to the places which are harder to reach by traditional Jib Cranes. They can handle a load of up to 2000 lbs and are a great way to save time and effort.

How To Choose The Right Jib Crane?

Selecting the right Jib Crane for your industry is vital. You can only get the best results with the right device. Therefore below we are sharing some tips which will help you in choosing the right Jib Crane.

Boom Rotation


Boom rotation is very crucial in a Jib Crane and different cranes have different boom rotations. Hence, you must choose a Jib Crane with a boom rotation of your needs.



Knowing the capacity or potential of your crane is necessary to reduce accidents. You must buy a Jib Crane which can easily handle the load of your goods. Generally, the lifting capacity is always higher than the weight of a crane. Know your capacity requirements before buying the crane and you will make a better purchase.

Height Under Boom (HUB)


HUB is the total distance between the floor and boom(underside). It helps choose the right hoist for your Jib Crane.



Before installing a crane you must make some arrangement to protect it from bad weather or climate changes. According to the weather conditions in your area and the favourable conditions for the crane, you might need to make amendments.



Installation of cranes is a tough and time-consuming task because every crane has a different process for installation. We suggest you assemble the crane at the spot to reduce overall cost. Choosing the right jib crane will not be as tiring and complicated if you contact the right manufacturer. Talk to our team and you will get a clear idea of how to choose the right one. Explain your requirements and they will suggest the right fit for you.