Important Questions to ask While choosing an EOT crane


Is your business involved in heavy lifting on the constructions sites or wheelhouses? If yes then the EOT cranes have a key role to play here. EOT cranes are such amazing machines who have made heavy lifting and moving quite easy these days. The majority of industries such as transportation, manufacturing, construction and real estate are making great use of these machines. The soaring demand has given rise to many EOT crane manufacturers in India.

Now that being said, it is equally difficult for the business to choose the most appropriate EOT crane for themselves when plenty of choices are in front of their eyes. Of course, you are eyeing on a machine, which has the potential to cater to your lifting requirements in a quick and safe manner. Do you think you are in a fix?

Let us help you by presenting some tips that will guide you to choose your EOT crane:

1. Check the installation

The manufacturer will definitely help you with the initial installation but you must still ask if the EOT crane is easy to install. If in future, you need to dissemble is for some reasons or need to shift it to a new location, your local personnel should be able to do it. Thus, the installation process of the EOT crane should be as easy as possible.

2. Does the EOT crane manufacturer in India is ready to provide training?

The manufacturer will, of course, make sure that his or her men come to your site and install the machine but, the manufacturer should be willing to provide you with the training for the same as well. Further, the manufacturer should provide you with safety tips, tricks, and guidelines for better use.


3. Is the company trustworthy?

Before choosing an EOT crane manufacturer in India, you must first ask for recommendations in your social circle to know if the manufacturer is trustworthy or not. You need to reliable machine from a reliable maker so that you can reach out to them in case of emergencies in the future.

4. How to maintain the EOT crane?

All the heavy duty machines available in the market need some kind of maintenance for a long term and smooth performance. The EOT crane is no different. You need to ask the manufacturer everything about the maintenance and at the same time, you should confirm if your locality and surroundings facilitate such maintenance or not. Get a machine that is easy to maintain.

5. How compassionate and friendly is the manufacturer?

Deal with a manufacturer who is friendly and compassionate towards you. You should trust the one who is ready to communicate in a friendly manner so that you are always satisfied that you have him to talk about any problems faced in the machine in future.

On the final note, when you are buying an EOT crane, you should ensure that the company or the manufacturer are providing you with the best quality machine. We strongly recommend asking the above-mentioned questions before investing in such a heavy duty machine for your business.