The Different Types Of Cranes Used In Construction Industry And Their Uses

Different Types Of Cranes

In the present construction sites, the vast usage of various construction equipment is needed likewise for lifting various kinds of loads and moving them from one place to the other. These types of equipment do include various types of cranes, forklifts, and human resources too. EOT crane manufacturer in India has been known to provide the most affordable and damage resistant cranes for the various manufacturing sites. The best thing here is the availability of a number of customization options and a vast variety.

Cranes happen to be one of the most needed and valued pieces of equipment in any industry that tends to handle the heavy load for any purpose. The need is more significant when we talk about the construction site. They can be used to hoist and move heavy objects from one place to the other without any hassle. They are extremely valuable since cranes help with the working of various heavy machinery and materials much more comfortable.

Cranes have mainly two functions:

  1.   To lift heavy objects with ease
  2.   To move these heavy objects from one place to the other.

What are the different kinds of cranes which are used in the construction site?

Two important types of cranes used in construction industries include fixed and mobile cranes. However, these cranes are further classified into subcategories. For example, tower cranes are fixed cranes whereas; vehicle-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, and others come into the category of mobile cranes. Below are the types of cranes and their specifications to help you while making a purchase.

Fixed Cranes

These cranes stay fixed onto the ground where they have been placed and are not able to move till the time it remains fixed. They work from the fixed position only and are only transferred from one location to other when the work is finished from one place. They are used for carrying heavy objects and moving them from one place to the other.

1. Tower cranes

These cranes are mainly used in the construction of tall buildings. Their bases are fixed onto a concrete pad with the help of bolts so that the crane does not fall while lifting a lot of loads while picking it up to a certain height. These cranes can reach up to a maximum height of 800 meters. So, we can see that not only the name is tower crane, in fact, they can take your loads to a sufficient height too.


Mobile cranes

These are the kind of cranes which are used in the construction site and also which are placed on a telescopic boom upon a mobile platform. These are more convenient to use because of their ability to move. Since they are not fixed, it is easy to change their location in the work area. There are some varieties in these kinds of cranes too namely:

1. Vehicle Mounted Cranes

The first type of mobile cranes is vehicle mounted cranes and are considered really easy to handle. These cranes are sometimes installed on pickup trucks or similar vehicles in order to move them from one place to the other for carrying heavy loads. The crane is stabilized during hoisting by extending outriggers horizontally and vertically.

2. Rough Terrain Cranes

These cranes are mounted on an undercarriage which has suitable tires for off-road construction. The tires are made of rubber. The outriggers work in the opposite way for these cranes, i.e., first vertically and then horizontally to establish the crane at the time of hoisting.

3. Crawler Cranes

The cranes are mounted on tyreless chassis which have a set of tracks. These are the movable cranes which have the capability of moving weights from 50 pounds to 3400 pounds. These do not need outriggers for attaining stability.

4. Telescopic Handler Crane

These cranes are much similar to forklift trucks. These trucks have the telescopic extendable boom. These cranes are mainly used to handle loads such as brick pallets and to install frame trusses in the construction sites.

With the availability of such a huge variety of cranes in the market, the contractor needs to find the suitable one which would be helpful in all of the construction work which would be going on likewise.

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