Mistakes Made by EOT Crane Manufacturers



EOT crane is also called as bridge crane which is controlled and electrically operated by an operator cabin. This hoist is being attached on the bridge which travels the gap between two parallel runways which is built at two ends of the machine. EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad has divided or classified EOT crane in two types depending on the load capacity and ability to travel in both direction and that two types are: Single Girder EOT cranes and Double Girder EOT cranes. EOT crane is mostly used in warehouse, stock grounds and mining enterprises. The major thing need to be keep in mind by EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad is safety which is still neglected by many manufacturer and it lead to major mistake and that are

1. Loading: -Eot crane supplier sometime don’t provide overload signal or safety factor in the machine. These are highlighted in some parts of crane and not in whole.

2. Upper limit Switch: –Collision of drum and hook is dangerous and too prevent what this device is used but EOT crane supplier sometime don’t keep distance to build the switch and then it lead too hazardous collision.

3. Secondary Braking: –In case primary brake fails due to overload or failure then secondary brake is used to hold the load but some time EOT crane supplier use regenerative brake which cannot hold if there is any failure in primary brake.

4. Reverse button:- For mechanically operated machine this reverse button is used but now a day’s motor braking is installed which can be used by just a soft pull but still some EOT crane supplier used reverse button which is antediluvian technology used by modern world.

5. Hoist movement:- Movement of hoist should be smooth and can travel in every direction easily but some EOT crane supplier don’t provide lugging circuit

6. Emergency switch:-As name says this switch should be installed at both the corner but some EOT crane supplier install at one corner and moreover without proper indicator of the lamp.

7. Controllers and Contractors: –To avoid short circuit interlocking of the all major controllers are important but some EOT crane supplier don’t provide interlocking of starter controller and reverse contractor.

8. Warning Horns: –This is the most important part in the machine much more important than electric switch but sometime some horns or bell are not properly audible to the people at ground level.

9. Insufficient space in operating cabin: – Eot crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad sometime do not provide facility to keep all the equipment in the cabin and space is also very less due to this every time operator is in dangerous stage.