Overhead Crane and Hoist Safety and Maintenance Checklist.



Proper safety and operation is required in all the overhead crane and hoist is much more important as they carry heavy loads and moved by the workers. For doing any manufacturing Eot crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad has brought overhead crane which will help in material handling process and manufacturing. Any downtime which is unplanned can lead to downfall and hence it will put your production process in halt. This operation failure can lead to many consequence like it may shut down your production or injure your worker as well. For smart business operation crane should work as it will help in growth of the business while failed crane may lead to shut down of the business

Requirement of safety inspection

The inspection is done by OSHA and ANSI is done in regular basis which require initial inspection, periodic inspection, frequent inspection and daily/shift.

Initial inspection: – 

Initial inspection is done on the overhead crane to a load test of upto 125% of rated capacity and also done thorough hand inspection  and operation check is also done of hoist equipment.

Periodic Inspection: –

Periodic inspection also involve operation check and thorough hand on inspection but this inspection should be done monthly so that overhead can be checked properly and if require there can be maintenance and moreover periodic documentation is also required for the long life of the equipment.

Frequent Inspection: – 

This inspection include two things, first is operation and second is virtual inspection of critical items like limit switches, wire rope, chain, hooks etc.

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Repairing the deficiencies and correcting of safety

After inspection is done properly and if there is any error found so it is responsibility to rectify it and correct it on individual basis. It is important to first repair the safety hazard first before keeping them in back to service and if you done do that then you are keeping worker safety and organization at great risk .

Qualified inspection

It is important to ensure the safety of the equipment of crane and overhead crane as it is important to repair and inspect by skilled and experienced professional technician who has proper experience and have training to understand specific design, function and repair requirement.

Preventive and Predictive maintenance

According to the OSHO maintenance program should be implemented as per requirement of the manufacturer. Proper maintenance of the crane will increase the crane life and make it to stay twice long. Preventive maintenance need to me made and investment required in this without that it will give negative aspect. With the minor expense it will provide safety, reliability and equipment longevity.

Crane 1’s in-spec overhead crane & hoist inspection program solves your problems.

Crane 1 is expertise and capability to optimize your inspection program. There are multiple inspection parameter of the in-spec inspection and that are

  1. Analyzation is done of your equipment, application etc.
  2. We repair the fault immediately
  3. Periodically inspection is done through in-spec inspection