Single Girder Crane VS Double Girder Crane

Single Girder Crane VS Double Girder Crane

Single Girder EOT Cranes are useful for short period of work application and low duty work while Double Girder EOT Cranes are useful for long period of work application and heavy-duty load. There are different types of Single and double girder cranes with various sizes and capacities.

Special Features of Single Girder and Double Girder EOT Cranes:

  • Designs are equivalent to IS -807, IS-3177.
  • Excellent design establishes minimum dead weight, wheel load, headroom and clearances.
  • Micro speed is applied in gearbox to make frequently drives.
  • Heat treatment and alloy steel is used to make your work easy.
  • Vast range of lifting, long and cross travel to acceptable for various requirements.

Benefits of Single and Double Girder EOT Cranes:

  • There is radio remote control and pendant trolley used to prevent operational risks.
  • There is a high quality of raw material used to give you more efficiency in work and lower cost.
  • Fireproof system applied to upgrade work usage.
  • Its modular design and control system makes your cost productive.
  • It is highly substantial and outstanding unyielding
  • By the reason of low maintenance, charges it is quiet appropriate for travel.
  • It has long service life, which reduces your operating cost.

Types of Single and Double Girder Cranes Provided by Krishna Crane Engineers:


 Krishna crane provides various kinds of single and Double Girder EOT Crane based on their sizes and lifting capacity. In single girder crane,

  • There are lattice type EOT cranes and box type cranes available.
  • 3 mt capacity for lattice type crane
  • Box type semi gantry has 5 mt capabilities.
  • Lattice type gantry crane has 10 mt capacities for lifting load

There are available cranes having 2 tons to 40 tons capacity to lift load. These types of cranes are widely used in big industries.

Both single and girder cranes are suitable for lifting load. You can use as per your requirement. Small businesses and warehouse use single girder EOT crane while big industries and mills use double girder EOT crane.

Why to Choose Krishna Crane Engineers.

  • It provides services in domestic and global companies.
  • Having good potential sales and services system.
  • They have proper furnished office and tools depot.
  • Sales operation system is maintained by experienced and qualified Technicians.
  • 24*7*365 days Support.
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