The hoisting block shall be a triple geared chain pulley block as per IS 3832. These blocks are used for jobs requiring robust, safe and high efficiency, Unique design of threaded load pressure-brake make these blocks completely self sustaining in all positions, whether moving   up or down. The spur gear reduction and ball bearings have reduced the pull on hand chain to a minimum, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity to maximum. Because of the high quality of engineering design, materials and workmanship. It is preferred by industry over other types of pulley blocks.  The table below and on the back show dimensional details. Weight and efficiency particulars in relation to various capacities. Choose the block most suited to your requirement to get full value for your money.

  • Hooks shall be IS: 8760 heavy-duty steel forged, and shall be supported on thrust bearing for free swivelling.
  • Load wheel shall be heavy duty SG Iron casting to IS 1865 the wheel shall be provided with anti friction roller bearings for smooth operation.
  • Load chain shall be IS: 6216 made of Special alloy steel Gr. 80.
  • The load chain shall be Tested & Calibrated for smooth engagement with load wheel. The bidder shall select the number of falls of load chain so as to limit the maximum pull on hand chain to 35 Kg.
  • Hand chain shall be IS: 2429, MS Calibrated to ensure smooth running with Hand.
  • Chain Wheel.
  • The manual block shall be provided with self actuated screw and disc type brake.

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