The Benefits Of Gantry Cranes – Gantry Cranes Manufacturers


Cranes are meant to carry large loads, and there is nothing in it. The benefits that we get with gantry cranes is that these can move under the load. Some of the Gantry cranes manufacturers can say that the cranes should not be run under a specified pressure, but the truth is all the cranes are designed to be moved under load. These cranes are an ideal option if you are not ready for permanent installation. The cranes can be easily relocated, and that’s why these are best for renting.

Here are a few things that make gantry cranes more useful.

Equipped with casters

The thing that moves cranes under the immense weight is casters. Even a single person can run the cranes under load if the pressure is not much and casters are appropriate. Polyurethane steel core casters reduce rolling resistance and offer smooth operation on plain concrete surfaces. Nylacron casters can offer even lesser rolling resistance plus very less force is required to push the crane. Other options available in the casters include pneumatic tires and V-groove casters. Pneumatic tires are best for uneven surfaces while V-groove casters come handy when movement in a straight line is required.

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Motorized Gantry cranes

While the movement of the gantry cranes under load is manual, sometimes motorized movement could be required when the capacity increases. The PF-series gantry trains are best for this purpose. They have a capacity of 15 tons, up to 35 ft of standard height and 40 ft of the standard span. Sometimes, when the there is a need to cover long distances, large bridge cranes are usually expensive. Motorized cranes are a cost-effective alternative. The higher capacity and larger span and height of crane do the job effortlessly. The cranes can move in a fixed path, and straight line plus easy installation makes relocation quick and efforts free.

Safety tips

Being cautious can help you avoid accidents. Here are some safety tips

  1. The load should be kept as close to the floor as possible.
  2. The load is advice to be kept in the center of I-beam of the crane.
  3. Make sure you push the crane and not the load.
  4. Don’t use any vehicle like a lift truck to push the gantry crane.
  5. Maintain smooth, clean, and obstructions free path for the crane.
  6. The load should be prevented from hanging over the support legs.

Added advantages

  1. Flexibility: the cranes can be moved even inside the place on a fixed path, and that’s why these are more flexible than regular ones.
  2. Safe and efficient: These are easy to move and do not require much force because of the presence of casters. The movement is thus more reliable and efficient with gantry cranes.
  3. Can be easily relocated: sometimes, there is no need for permanent installation or the organization can’t afford to install a new piece. There can also be the issue of space, and that’s why gantry cranes are of great use. These can be easily installed and relocated.

In simple words, gantry cranes are cost-effective, easy to operate, easy to install, and easy to relocate. These are the most flexible and efficient material handling equipment available in the market.