The Performance Factors Of Krishna Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers Which Make Them Widely Recognized In The Industry

If you are in the field of lifting tasks, it is challenging to raise the heavy thing from ground level to some heights. Today electric wire rope hoist manufacturers offer the best instruments with high performance and low maintenance which make them recognizable. The equipment is designed by keeping few things in the mind like size, price, noise level and easy maintenance which fulfill the customers need. Less use of electricity has also been considered with acceptable speed, low voltage fluctuation, maintained temperature, gear efficient, etc.


Steel plates and sheet are assembled in the construction of machines, and the parts are fixed with the bolts.

Gear Cases

Gear cases are assembled on the duly shot blasted, stress relieved and constructed in the CNC machining center.

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Gear and Pinion

For ensuring the quality, compatibility, and serviceability, Krishna opts to make all their gears and pinions in-house under their surveillance. Those gears and pinions which are the elements of shafts are made up of case-hardening low-carbon alloyed steel and are hardened up to 56-60 HRC.

Rope Drum

Drums are made up of seamless steel pipes or assembled from steel plate and engraved adequately in the way it can revolve on the heavy-duty roller bearing. The spiral groove holds the rope in one layer when the hook is in its lower position and grant two full turns of the rope in the drum. Drum size coincides applicable IS.

Rope Guide and retainer

Casted rope guide undergoes the rope from the spiral groove of the drum and retains the cable in the groove forbidding it from overlapping on or loosing off the drum.

Wire Rope

Ungalvanized additional versatile wire rope of 6×37-6×36 construction of breaking strength l8OKg/ mm2 manufactured from best plough steel in agreement to IS: 2266 with an issue of safety applicable to the category of duty is employed for each wire rope hoist.

Hook Block

Standard cast quadrilateral section hooks in agreement to IS 381 5/TS: 8610 are used. A hook is drifted in the steel cross head on the thrust ball bearing, and the hooks are suspended on the ball bearings. The dimension of the sheaves is more spinning to IS.

Motor & Brakes

High beginning force, crane duty, entirely penned coop induction motors, in international frame sizes of Crompton create square measure are used. Motors adjust to IS.3. 25. All engines used square measure $4 duty appropriate for 415 ±10% V, 50 ±5% Hz, 40% CDF, one hundred fifty starts/hour, 50°C AMS temperature. Motors appropriate for various voltages & frequencies is provided.


Closed dia are cast from medium carbon steels, and for perfect bore and tread profile, these wheels are constructed on CNC lathes. These wheels are having the support of two large dia ball bearing for perfect rolling effects.


The operation is through pendant push station or radio management having control voltage of twenty-four V for max safety of operator by flush – sort hold on push buttons housed in an exceedingly IP55 enclosure.

Equalizing Sheave Bracket

Bracket bent to take the shape from steel sheets holds C. I. sheaves which are running in sealed ball bearings. Free rope finish clamp is additionally mounted on this bracket.


As per the buyer’s requirement, Electrical wire rope hoist can be provided with the features of fixed mounting, hand geared or electrically driven trolley.

Creep Speed

The feature of creep speed is not available in the basic models but can be provided with the request of the buyer with additional cost. 1/10th part of the main hoisting speed can be provided by the mode of additional motor and planetary gears. AC drives can also be for the features of creep speed.


Brakes & limit switches for Cross- In the basic hoist up to and including 3t capacity, the travel action cannot be given. Both brake and limit switch are giving on the far side of 3t capacity. If you desire to have limit switch and hoists up to 3t capacity, it will be available at an extra cost.

Electronic dynamic braking is also available by paying an extra cost which give amazing life to the hoist brake.