What are the uses of an electric wire rope hoist in industrial areas?

Well, you can find industrial hoists in many varieties. Different hoists are made to cater to different applications and they are operated with the help of different power supplies. Electric wire rope hoist, as the name suggests, is operated with the help of electricity. It uses electricity to lift the heavy load by using a drum that is attached with either a rope or a chain. Electric wire rope hoists are mainly used to lift up and down the heavy loads in the industries, especially, at the construction sites. They are mostly used where making human work becomes risky.


These hoists come in different capacities and they can handle weight ranging from 500 Kgs to 20 Tons. However, before you purchase any electric wire rope hoists for your work, you should check all the technical details and the scope of use.

The various uses of an electric wire rope hoist in industrial areas can be summed up as:

Voltage Checking

Check the voltage before you start using any product. Even if there is a slight difference in the electric voltage, the functions of the hoists will be hindered. Further, you will need to check the speed of the electric voltage as well before you make your hoists lift the items for you.

Check the lubrication

Lubrication is a very important factor you should take note of. If your hoists need oil for lubrication, you must ensure that you oil your equipment for its smooth functioning. Before you start using the hoists, ensure that the gearboxes are filled properly as recommended by the manufacturer.

Avoid untangling

Electric wire rope hoists are prone to tangles. Before lifting any material, make the rope come up and down and make sure that your rope is free from any tangles. If you find any, untangle it before you move ahead with your work.

Test Buttons

Check all the buttons under expert supervision to see whether everything is working properly. Switch on and switch off all the buttons to understand the functioning well.

Limit Switches Test

This is known as the main function of the hoists. The hook should disconnect itself automatically when it reaches the top and the same should happen while it is down at the ground. Repeat this process twice.

Crane motion test

There are these set of buttons which are useful to move the crane horizontally. Test the crane along with hoists by taking it to the top and bringing it down again.

No matter how frequently or rarely you operate your electric wire rope hoist, it is important to stay safe always. These are heavy-duty equipment and only a trained man can operate it. If no one in your business premises knows about these hoists, you should train them well before you bring the equipment in the workplace.