What Is a Crane Girder? How Does it Work?

Girders are ‘I’ shaped metallic beams which are created in this specific design for extraordinary strength. The cranes run on these girders for a safe and efficient movement. The beams can be installed in various locations and positions depending on the requirements. Depending on the type of overhead crane and the requirement of the owner, single, double, or bridge girders can be used. The best quality girders are made to survive rough usage and extreme pressure. However, it is important that you purchase from a reputed crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad only so that you don’t end up with low quality products. 

How Does A Crane Girder Work?

The crane girder is a steel beam that provides a platform for the crane to move. Hoist and cranes simplify industrial processes by making the movement of heavy stuff easier and girders play a significant role in such movements. The overhead cranes use one, two, and three crane girders depending on the type of installation. 

Single crane girder 

In single girder cranes, one crab girder comes into play. Single girder cranes can be used in the industries where there is no need for any transverse movement. The hoist moves along the length of the grider and can be used to lift and lower loads in the workspace. The girder stands upright and the crane moves along the beam. The single girder cranes come really handy in narrow spaces, where there is lesser room for movement. The cranes run on the bottom of the girder which can sometimes look as a disadvantage. Since the crab and hook are usually located under the girder, you might find the hook height less. 

Double or Bridged crane girder 

When you have better space and need something more flexible, double or bridge girder cranes fit your needs. The double girders offer flexible three-dimensional movement. Double girder installations offer movement along both length and breadth of the space covering much larger space. Thus, the load handling process becomes a lot more efficient. The crab girder can run on top of the support beams or between them which offers extended hook heights. With more hook and wider area coverage, the double girder or bridged cranes offer great flexibility.

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Stress on the Crane Girders

Crane girders are used to handle a lot of weight and that’s why these are subject to a lot of pressure. The girders need to be well taken care of so that any accidents can be prevented and the girders last longer. The stress on the girders not just comes from the pressure exerted due to large weights, but the acceleration and braking of crabs also causes lateral stress on the girders. 

The best way to keep the crane girders working fine is providing them with enough support. Channels and flat plates across cross sessions and other places can prevent extreme stress and ensure the longevity of the girders. Also, the owner needs to keep inspecting the girders and all other parts of the crane from time to time as suggested by the seller. Make sure to purchase top rated crane girders only and tae care of them well. Replace, and repair them as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure safety of your workers. 

Finding high quality crane girders can be a little exhausting if you don’t have the required resources to track the right fit. Not only do you need to find out the right seller, but the right crane also. And this all can be done with just a single call. Book a consultation call with our experts and you will left with no doubts.