What is a DSL Busbar?

The DSL busbar or down shop lead busbar systems are used in power supply systems. Prepared from highly conductive material with great finish, these can be used to attain desired current. The DSL busbar helps in distributing power from one source to multiple destinations. These conductors are used in EOT cranes to carry power to the crane control panel from the grid. According to the crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad, the DSL busbars are highly effective in carrying the current. 

What are the benefits of DSL Busbars? 

The DSL busbar comes with a number of advantages because of its neat shape and compact design. The conductor is extremely effective and that adds to the overall productivity of the system. Some of the best benefits of DSL busbars for electric overhead cranes are mentioned below. 

1. Reduces system weight 

In comparison to flat busbars, the DSL busbars help reduce overall weight of the system. The DSL busbar works in such a way that current flows near the conductor surface. The busbar areas where the current density can be eliminated and that leads to reduced weight. Removal of certain parts also reduces cost which is another plus point of using DSL busbars. 

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2. Offers easy installation 

The DSl busbars offer a compact design by removing unnecessary parts and that makes installation easy. The DSl busbar optimizes the installation space and thus makes it easy to fit the equipment. 

3. Reduces effect of skin depth

The skin depth is dependent on the frequency of the AC voltage. With the increase in Ac voltage, the skin depth reduces. Thus, it becomes unequal due to higher and lower current density. The DSL busbar is known to optimize the current flow. It makes it almost steady and that eventually leads to optimized skin depth. Thus, operating with a DSL busbar can help in reducing the effects of skin depth as well. 

4. Improved performance 

As we can see, the DSL busbar works by optimizing the flow of current. It stabilizes the current flow which improves the overall working of the system. The flow also helps with a stable skin depth and that makes it possible to get rid of some extra equipment. Removing those elements makes the system lightweight and compact. The system becomes easy to install, take care of and operate. Thus, switching to DSL busbars from ordinary bus bars can amp up the productivity of your system. 

5. Can be used in a variety of industries 

The DSl busbars are used to achieve required flow of current. The materials used are Aluminum, Copper, and Galvanize. The resultant product can be used in a variety of industries and makes it easy for the manufacturers to make their systems perform better. 

Some of the industries that can use DSL busbars include fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, fabrication industries, steel industries, cement, shipyard industries, rolling mills, engineering workshops, power plants, and many more. 

The DSL busbar is a relatively safe and affordable option to maintain required voltage in the system. The system is quite easy to use and install and requires very less maintenance which makes it a great fit for various large scale manufacturing industries. 

DSL busbars are getting a lot of popularity because of all the comfort that they offer. Many new and old manufacturers are offering the system at various prices and buyers get a decent number of options to choose from. While it is good to have choices, sometimes you can get confused with attractive prices and unrealistic specifications. The best way to pick the right one is talking to a reliable seller. Click here to book your consultation call with industry experts before you step ahead to make the purchase.