What Is The Difference Between Electric Winches And Manual Winches? How Hand Winches Are Better Than Electric Ones?

As we all know, winches are used to pull heavy objects. The process involves the winding of wire around the object to hold it steady while pulling it inward or outward. The electric winch manufacturers in India compare the process with the ancient method of pulling water from well.

Winches are thus quite helpful for industries where there is a need to handle a heavy load. The global electric Winch market size was nearly 2.89 billion USD during the year 2017 and with the speed at which it has grown since then, we can expect a major rise by 2025. The period 2020-2025 seems to be the growth period of the winch market post coronavirus pandemic.

Winches are specifically of two types. Manual winches and electric winches. Manual winches are considered better than electric ones due to several reasons. Let’s understand in detail.

What Are Electric Winches?

As the name suggests, electricity is used to operate these winches. Power is turned on to pull the load without any major human interaction. The device is extremely safe when a large load is to be pulled.

The use of electric winches is growing at fast speed in the manufacturing and transportation industries. According to a report by Hexa Research, the rise in demand is attributed to high reliability, great performance, and easy operations of the electric winches.

Advantages Of Electric Winches

Electric winches are highly beneficial in some ways:

  1. No human interaction is required which makes it safe.
  2. Heavy loads can be managed effortlessly.
  3. Electric winches make the processes quick.

Electric winches require regular oiling and maintenance to work fine. Some might complain about noise in the case of electric winches, but as the market is growing we now have noiseless winches. “VoltPro” winch launched in 2016 makes very little noise and it claims to have no emission.

Applications Of Electric Winches

Electric winches are widely used in many industries. The winches are used for towering options, pushing heavy objects, and supporting larger loads. Large manufacturing units, where heavy loads are the problem, electric winches are the right thing to go for.

What Are Hand Winches?


Manual or hand winches are operated by humans. A human operator takes hold of the rope at the end and pulls the load as required. The hand winches are beneficial when the load is light. It requires low maintenance and is quite safe for lighter weights.

Advantages Of Hand Winches

There are many benefits of using manual winches:

  1. Hand winches are easy to use and maintain.
  2. The mechanism is quite simple.
  3. Since there is no electrical equipment, there is no malfunctioning issue.
  4. Manual winches are affordable.
  5. The output and efficiency of manual winches are great for smaller loads.

Applications Of Hand Winches

Manual winches are used for mounting and supporting purposes. The winches are most commonly used in outdoor operational activities where electric winches are not functional and weight is manageable for humans.

Why Should You Choose Hand Winches Over Electric Winches?

Hand winches are considered better than electric winches in many aspects. Even electric winch suppliers will suggest opting for hand winches if you don’t need to deal with heavy loads.

The most important benefit is you don’t need electricity to operate it which makes it easy to use the winches where there is no electricity connection or power cuts are frequent. Moreover, it also cuts down on power costs.

Hand winches don’t require much maintenance as compared to electric winches which need regular maintenance such as oiling and greasing. The maintenance costs also go down. Thus, hand winches are quite affordable for low budget industries.

Since there are no electric parts, there is no fault or short circuit issue. The winches are easy to operate and maintenance is also easy because nothing much is there to check and repair.

The best thing about manual winches is that these machines solve space problems. These are portable and easy to move whenever and wherever required.