Different Types Of Cranes And Their Unique Features

Handling immense weight is not an easy task. Cranes, hoists, and winches make the job quite easy and safe. Cranes can be used for a variety of functions from lifting to lowering objects and moving heavy stuff. Whatever you want to do with heavy things can be done with the help of cranes.

The crane market size was 19 billion USD in the year 2018 and that tells how significant cranes have become over time.

Since every job is different, EOT crane manufacturers bring us a variety of cranes to better fulfill our needs. The cranes according to their manufacturing process, come with unique features.

If you are into an industry that requires you to purchase a crane, do thorough research before you select one. To know which cranes will meet your needs, it is important to know all the important types of cranes and tier unique features.

Keep reading to get the information you need before your purchase.

Hoist One Track Cranes


HOT crane is not a popular choice, not because it is not effective, but because the features it offers are either not so common or are covered with other significant features by other cranes. The crane comes handy when you need to move material across two different planes. These cranes also offer lateral movement and that’s why these are also called stationary overhead cranes. The limitation of the crane is that it doesn’t offer enough movement.


  1. Do not require much maintenance.
  2. Can be used for smaller operations under budget.

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

The most commonly used cranes are EOT cranes. EOT crane manufacturers in India keep experimenting with the crane and come up with various advancements regularly. The crane consists of a traveling bridge along with parallel runways. The crane as the name suggests operates on electricity and has a control pendant to operate it. The cranes are stationary which means, you can move them forward-backward, up-down, and left-right. The cranes are perfect for indoor use.


  1. The cranes are perfect for indoor use.
  2. The cranes can be used in a variety of industries such as factories, warehouses, mining corporations, etc.
  3. Since the cranes are easy to operate, even beginners can use them with little training.
  4. The EOT cranes are quite safe. According to surveys, EOT crane fatalities have always been quite less and have gone significantly down in recent years. Only 1 fatal incident was noticed in 2015 and that’s enough to tell how safe these machines are.

Single Girder EOT Cranes

The single girder EOT crane is called a single girder because it uses only one bridge. The other parts of the crane include a trolley hoist, other electrical parts, and two end-trucks. Single girder cranes come handy when you need to handle light loads. The capacity of these cranes is up to 20 tons and can lift to 55 meters.


  1. Fit best in smaller areas.
  2. Easy to install and operate.
  3. These are affordable.

Double Girder EOT Cranes

Going by the name, these cranes come with double bridges. The cranes are effective in moving heavy loads with ease. Their loading capacity can be as high as 800 tons which is a really good factor.


  1. The cranes can easily move bulky items.
  2. Can be customized with cabs, magnet cables, reels, etc.
  3. The designs are usually complicated, but they offer greater functionality.
  4. The crane also comes with failure-proof features for added safety.

Gantry Cranes

The last important type of crane is a gantry crane. The crane comes with legs to support its parts. The bridge, trolley, and hoist all are fitted on the structure. The crane requires you to install rails on the floor. The legs of the crane move on the rails to move objects. Gantry cranes are the right choice when you don’t want to go for an overhead crane.


  1. Best to move the lightweight load.
  2. The cranes can be used in construction, shipyards, and railway industries.
  3. Wheels make them easy to move.
  4. Good quality gantry cranes are corrosion-free.

The Crane market is expected to grow at 6% CAGR from 2019 to 2025. With an expanding market, we can expect better advancements. However, you don’t need to wait for advancements, because the crane manufacturers still offer customization facilities to tackle your specific needs.

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