Why do cranes use hydraulic motors and not electric motors?

Before we tell you why most of the cranes today are hydraulic operated and do not operate on electric motors, let us tell you what are hydraulic overhead cranes.

A hydraulic crane is a piece of heavy-duty equipment that is widely used for lifting and hoisting in heavy engineering industries. Unlike the other varieties of cranes that use electricity or any other fuel for their operation, these hydraulic cranes work on an internal hydraulic system that allows the crane to lift the heavier load very swiftly. These hydraulic cranes are basically, fluid-filled cranes that facilitate the cranes to lift very heavy objects including shipping containers, tractor-trailers and so on who weight is beyond the lifting capacity of any machine.


How do Hydraulic Cranes Work?

The central theme behind the working of a hydraulic crane is that it transfers an object from point A to point B with the help of an incompressible fluid. The engine of the crane powers the hydraulic pump which in turn, applies the pressure in the hydraulic operating system. The pressure created is again redirected in the hydraulic system to the desired location. The whole process is done with the help of some pistons. The main pressure is held by the hydraulic fluid and that is the unique point of a hydraulic crane.

Given the unique system of hydraulic cranes, they are so far better than the electric operated cranes. We have summed up the benefits of hydraulic cranes over the electric ones here:

Electric motors cannot lift the heavy load

The cranes that work of electric motors are not very reliable. They are good for small scale industries and for heavy engineering industries, they cannot be trusted. On the other hand, the hydraulic cranes can lift up to tonnes of weight without any complaints.

Hydraulic systems are more efficient

Needless to say that the hydraulic systems are more efficient. These days from household furniture to heavy-duty bridges to cranes, everything is made with hydraulic technologies. This technology is very efficient in terms of performance.

Hydraulic cranes need less space

As compared to the electric motor operated cranes, the hydraulic cranes need less space. As the cranes need to work on the fluid system, the fluid takes very less space as compared to the electric motors.

Hydraulic cranes can handle changing loads very well

As stated earlier, hydraulic cranes can lift heavy loads. Even if you need to shift a tractor-trailer from one place to another, a hydraulic crane will do that for you.

Hydraulic cranes are more stable

When you change the load capacity of the electric motored crane, it can break down, but with hydraulic cranes this will not happen. They are more adaptable.

We believe the above-mentioned points are sufficient for you to understand the importance and flexibility of the hydraulic cranes. If you wish to handle your heavy machinery well, order a hydraulic crane from the best crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad. For further details, come to Hoist and Crane. Our team is ready to help you.