Why to Choose Krishna Crane Engineers for your Overhead Gantry Crane?

Gantry cranes are cranes similar to overhead cranes except the variation that these cranes run on ground tracks. These types of cranes are mainly used for heavy load moving from one place to another. They are available in single girder crane, double girder crane, double leg, single leg and cantilever style for both in outdoor and indoor services. They are also called “portal” or portable cranes because easily run from one place to another. Its structure made beside the straddle. There are many overhead gantry manufacturers in India who manufactures with high capacity and high span.

Application of gantry Cranes:


Gantry cranes are usually implemented below places

  • Seaport and roadstead
  • Construction sites
  • In those area where bay lengths are imprudent
  • In those location where bay lengths do not remain imprudent
  • Places where crane itself required being relocate from one place to another.
  • Locations where loads are to be transport from outside the crane
  • In workshops where prevailing column can not bear the wheel loads of a crane

Features of Gantry Cranes:

  • Its design made hydraulic free.
  • It is more efficient in work and maintenance charges decreases.
  • It is biodegradable.
  • Diesel electric power applied
  • Fewer elements used which makes it design easy to use.

Benefits of Gantry Cranes:

  • Portability– These cranes are simply relocated from one place to another so you can shift heavy goods easily from one location to another.
  • Inexpensive– It is quite economical compare to other cranes. Especially in those locations where goods do not need to lift regularly.
  • Capacity of Lifting Loads– It is used to lift medium duty load approximately up to 5 tons.
  • Marketable– This crane is widely used in industries and manufacturing units.
  • Higher Lift level– This crane used to moves good from different heights. These heights may be standard
  • Synthetic Form Used– Synthetic forms are used in rolling wheels for the
  • Cranes so it makes crane long lasting and strong.
  • Gantry cranes are extensively used not just lifting but moving heavy load from one place to another. Moreover, they are also applicable material handling of high capacity and span.
  • Krishna crane provides gantry cranes having capacity of 20 tons load lifting and provide as per customer requirement.

Why to Choose Krishna Crane Engineers.

  • It provides services in domestic and global companies.
  • Having good potential sales and services system.
  • They have proper furnished office and tools depot.
  • Sales operation system is maintained by experienced and qualified Technicians.
  • 24*7*365 days Support.