Good quality Electric winch jib crane manufacturers in India

The Electric winch jib crane is a part of electric chain hoists and generally used to push or pull trolleys moving on rails. The wires and motors of electric winches are especially designed to handle various weight loads. These kinds of winches are available in numerous sizes and shapes. There are a number of electric winch jib crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad who provide good quality of jib cranes. Jib cranes manufacturers in India is providing safety standard jib cranes. These types of cranes are electrically forced devices that are used to lift heavy loads.


When you are going to purchase electric winch crane, you should consider safety standards. There is various safety standards laid down by the industry, so, you should determine that these hoists are according to those safety standards. So, you should adopt standard jib crane manufacturer.

Jib cranes are usually available at the best rates meet many options such as electric slew, manual or electric hoists, etc. This type of crane is created to approach around walls or stable objects by the use of an integrated jib arm, offering complete flexibility.

Standard features of electric winch jib crane:-

  • Fun-size designed and low-weight
  • Easily movable
  • Impermeable
  • Jerk less, free and reticent running of the chain over the load chain gear.
  • Hoisting gearbox, motor and brake is one individual compact unit, excluding any linking arrangement.
  • Uncomplicated to service electrical manage the system.
  • Designed for pipe or rolled steel sections.
  • Simple to apply


  • Jib cranes are fabricated in accordance to IS:9507
  • Types- Electric pulling
  • Capacity range- Up to 10 tones
  • Degree of revolution- 100 degree in wall mounted and 360 degrees for pillar mounted
  • Implementation- Pendant/ control panel
  • Type of work- Up to class –(M7); Indoor and outdoor
  • Drive- VVVF drive system

Types of electric winch jib crane

  • Floor mounted jib crane
  • Wall/column mounted jib crane
  1. Floor mounted jib crane– Heavy-duty A-series floor mounted jib cranes are fabricated and constructed for industrial use with years of effortless service. A machine lower rotation carriage is housed in the jib crane head section that aspects heavy steel side plates. The lower roller carriage is mounted on flexible bolts to allow for field adjustments.
  2. Column mounted jib crane– Column mounted or wall mounted jib cranes are designed from high grade steel modules and created for simple use. Column mounted cranes are equipped and finished with safety yellow enamel. Wall mounted jib cranes are accessible in two styles, each one with quality boom length up to 20 feet and capacity up to 6000 pounds.

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