How to choose the right wire rope hoist to meet your requirements

When it comes to hoists there are two things that should be at the top of your mind. They are the power type of the hoists and the lifting medium as well. In terms of reliability and durability the electric wire rope hoists are quite reliable and available in several capacities. For example it possible to buy wire rope hoists of low capacity like 15 ton and it is also possible to buy one 100 ton capacity. Hence it is a good idea to have all the information about which type of hoists is required for the job.

Wire Rope Hoist Or Chain Hoist

Both types of hoists are equally valuable and are used by a large number of businesses. While wire rope hoists are used by large scale businesses, small scale business finds chain hoists as a suitable option. Chain hoist doesn’t fall prey to unfavored weather conditions, and that’s why it is counted as an affordable and alternative to wire rope hoist for small scale manufacturing companies. The chain hoist stays intact even in contact with salt and chemical products.


The main factors to consider while selecting hoists are mentioned below:

  • The lift required for each task is different hence it is necessary to  have a good knowledge of what will fulfil your needs.
  • Different applications had different speed requirements as well an at time some need the ability to vary the speed. Hence amongst the popular hoists available there are usually three possibilities like single speed, two speed or variable speed.
  • It is also important to remain under the maximum capacity of the hoist. Hence make sure have the lifting capacity of the hoist as well as what your requirements are and to stay within them.
  • A special hoist can be used for special substances. For example if the hoist is being used to lift toxic or harmful substances it is a good idea to use the flame proof wire rope hoists.

Choosing the right wire rope hoist 

The EOT crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad suggest following the below tips to get your hands on the right wire rope hoist according to your business needs.

Required Load Capacity 

The first and most important thing to consider is how much you will need to lift on a regular basis. The hoist must be compliant with the required load capacity so that you can prevent any accidents that could happen due to overloading. Since the cost of a lifting tool is high, and it will go on increasing with the increase in weight, you should not opt for a wire rope hoist with more than the required capacity.

Number Of Lifts 

Consider the number of lifts per day. According to the type of business, the number of lifts will vary. And that’s you need to keep the factor in mind. Check your business operation and ask your manufacturing team. The team will tell you a rough estimate and depending on that, a manufacturer will suggest you a good option. Depending on the type of material, the tensile strength varies. More lifts than limit might cause breaking of the wires.

See Your Future Needs 

If you are in a business where the load requirements or the number of lifts can change in the future, make sure you consider that too. A crane or hoist is a significant investment which you can’t make again and again. Buy a device that could fit your present as well as future needs. You can analyze your requirements by factors like the launch of a new product, improved orders, or collaborations.

Prioritize Controls 

While most of the people will want to have a durable and robust device, they tend to forget that sensibility and controls play a crucial role too. In the case of giant industrial products, you need to consider the sensible parts as well. Make sure the hoist you buy has sturdy ropes and professional controls.

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